1935 Ardath Cricket, Tennis, and Golf Celebrities Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Ardath Cricket, Tennis, and Golf Celebrities
Year 1935
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 5/8″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1935 Ardath Cricket, Tennis, and Golf Celebrities Overview

Bill Tilden Tennis 1935 Ardath.jpg1935 Ardath Golf CelebritiesThis UK set was distributed inside of packages of Ardath Cork Cigarettes. As indicated by the name of the set, it included cards of athletes from cricket, tennis, and golf. Fronts of the cards have color pictures of the athletes and the backs include a short description. The fronts have a surprisingly glossy finish.

No action images are featured in the set — all cards have a quality portrait picture of the subject instead with his/her name printed in small font at the bottom.

Backs also indicated the cards were adhesive and they were often affixed into albums as a result. You will sometimes find these with residue or some text missing on the back, indicating they were likely removed from an album at some point.

According to PSA, there are two different types of backs – those printed in brown ink (from New Zealand) and those with gray backs (England). The New Zealand ones are considered to be rarer and more expensive.

Cricket is the sport most included in this set as it is represented with 30 cards, including star Jack Hobbs. While the cricket cards are more desirable overseas, it’s the golf and tennis cards that more American collectors desire.

Golf and tennis make up the final 20 cards — 12 are tennis players and eight are golfers. Those 20 cards include notable names such as Bill Tilden and Helen Wills-Moody, as well as other Hall of Famers, from tennis. Hall of Famer Henry Cotton highlights the golf subjects.

1935 Ardath Cricket, Tennis, and Golf Celebrities Checklist

  1. R. E. S. Wyatt
  2. Hedley Verity
  3. C.F. Walters
  4. E. Hendren
  5. L. E. G. Ames
  6. Maurice Leyland
  7. W.E. Bowes
  8. G.O. Allen
  9. Walter Hammond
  10. K. Farnes
  11. James Langridge
  12. P. G. H. Fender
  13. G. Geary
  14. E.W. Clark
  15. T.B. Mitchell
  16. G. A. E. Paine
  17. J.C. White
  18. J.B. Hobbs
  19. M.J. Turnbull
  20. Maurice Tate
  21. M.S. Nichols
  22. D. R. Jardine
  23. Ernest Tyldesley
  24. Harold Larwood
  25. C.P. Mead
  26. G. Duckworth
  27. L.F. Townsend
  28. A. P. F. Chapman
  29. Frank Woolley
  30. W. Voce
  31. Fred Perry
  32. Dorothy Round
  33. H.W. Austin
  34. Peggy Scriven
  35. J. Crawford
  36. Bill Tilden
  37. Jean Borotra
  38. Henri Cochet
  39. Kathleen Stammers
  40. Helen Jacobs
  41. Betty Nuthall
  42. Helen Wills-Moody
  43. A.H. Padgham
  44. T.H. (Henry) Cotton
  45. Percy Alliss
  46. Abe Mitchell
  47. Charles Whitcombe
  48. Joyce Wethered
  49. Diana Fishwick
  50. Enid Wilson

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