1931 Wills Lawn Tennis Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Wills Lawn Tennis
Year 1931
Size 2″ x 3″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1931 Wills Lawn Tennis Set Overview

Bill Tilden 1931 Wills Lawn Tennis.jpgThis short set of tennis greats was printed by the Imperial Tobacco company for its Wills brand of tobacco products.

The issue features tennis players from around the globe and is headlined by the legendary Bill Tilden and Helen Wills-Moody. Other key cards are found here, too, including one of Rene Lacoste, who would go on to create the Lacoste brand of clothing.

The cards are unique for their day as tobacco issues. Instead of a narrow vertical design, the cards are shaped more like a true square, similar to the American gum and candy cards of the 1930s, such as Goudey’s releases.

Most UK tobacco issues from the 1930s are very common and, as a result, not very expensive. However, this set is an exception with cards being relatively rare. Stars from the set can easily sell for over $100.

The set was reprinted in 1988 with a mention of that reprint at the bottom on the backs. Reprints are commonly seen today as this is a popular set.

1931 Wills Lawn Tennis Set Checklist

  1. Wilmer Allison
  2. Fraulein Cilli Aussem
  3. Bunny Austin
  4. Jean Borotra
  5. Jacques Brugnon
  6. Henri Cochet
  7. Ian Collins
  8. Edith Cross
  9. Lili D’Alvarez
  10. Dr. Colin Gregory
  11. George Patrick Hughes
  12. Helen jacobs
  13. Charles Kingsley
  14. Rene Lacoste
  15. Joan Fry / T.A. Lakeman
  16. H. G. N. Lee
  17. Randolph Lycett
  18. Betty Nuthall
  19. Joan Ridley
  20. Elizabeth Ryan
  21. Bill Tilden
  22. John Van Ryn
  23. Holcroft Watson
  24. Fearnley Whitingstall
  25. Helen Wills-Moody

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