Burline Mixture Golfers’ Blend Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Burline Mixture Golfers’ Blend
Size 1 3/8″ x 2 5/8″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

Burline Mixture Golfers’ Blend Overview

Burline Mixture GolfThese rare cards were issued by The Burline tobacco company. The set is called the Mixture (Golfers’ Blend) Series and features cartoon pictures of golfers on the course in a variety of situations. The artwork appears to be the work of W.S. Beaumont as that is the name that appears with the drawings.

The Burline Mixture product was offered by tobacco company Felix Berlyn. That is sometimes the named used as these cards are bought and sold.

A title is presented on the bottom of the cards and a card number is also printed on the front.

The cards are most commonly seen as reprints today. Despite the entire set consisting of only 25 cards, building a complete set would be extremely difficult. Originals are extremely rare and single cards from the set can sell for hundreds of dollars.

Burline Mixture Golfers’ Blend Checklist

  1. Golf is Good
  2. A Ball is not Considered to Move
  3. A Stroke
  4. Putting
  5. A Threesome
  6. Stymie
  7. King John
  8. Three Wise Men
  9. Darby and Joan
  10. Either Side
  11. Driving
  12. A Rub of the Green
  13. A Foursome
  14. A Competitor
  15. A Bit of All Right
  16. A Single
  17. Obstructions may be Removed
  18. Out of Bounds
  19. Divots
  20. Match Play
  21. Finish of an Approach with a Mashie
  22. Single Player
  23. Keep Your Eye on the Ball
  24. Ball in Water
  25. Man in Checkered Suit

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