1928 Churchman Lawn Tennis Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Churchman Lawn Tennis (Small)
Year 1928
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 5/8″
Images Black and White
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1928 Churchman Lawn Tennis Overview

Rene Lacoste 1928 Churchman Lawn Tennis.jpgThis is a set from the UK that features pictures of various tennis players.

The issue includes both male and female players with black and white images on the front and a short biography of the player on the back. The cards were distributed with Churchman cigarette products.

Notable names in the set include Rene Lacoste, Bill Tilden, and Helen Wills-Moody, among others.

While these are a smaller, traditional tobacco card size, collectors should note that a separate, larger 1928 Churchman card set exists as well. That set is not a parallel of this one as only 12 cards make up that issue.

1928 Churchman Lawn Tennis Checklist

  1. E. De Alvarez
  2. J. O. Anderson
  3. Cissy Aussem
  4. H.W. Austin
  5. H. Roper Barrett
  6. Eileen Bennett
  7. J. Borotra
  8. K. Bouman
  9. N.E. Brookes
  10. J. Brugnon
  11. Lambert Chambers
  12. Henri Cochet
  13. E.L. Colyer
  14. H. Contostlavos
  15. G. R. O. Crole-Rees
  16. H.L. Doherty
  17. R.F. Doherty
  18. Joan Fry
  19. Mrs. L.A. Godfree
  20. L.A. Godfree
  21. A.W. Gore
  22. J.C. Gregory
  23. D.M. Greig
  24. T. Harada
  25. E.L. Heine
  26. E. Higgs
  27. F.T. Hunter
  28. W.M. Johnston
  29. A. R. F. Kingscote
  30. C.H. Kingsley
  31. J. Kozeluh
  32. Rene Lacoste
  33. Suzanne Lenglen
  34. R. Lycett
  35. Mrs. Mallory
  36. Betty Nuthall
  37. G.L. Patterson
  38. G. Peacock
  39. E. Renshaw
  40. W. Renshaw
  41. Vincent Richards
  42. Joan Ridley
  43. E. Ryan
  44. Peggy Suanders
  45. P. D. B. Spence
  46. Bill Tilden
  47. Didi Vlasto
  48. Mrs. Watson
  49. A.F. Wilding
  50. Helen Wills

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