1927 Churchman Famous Golfers Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Churchman Famous Golfers
Year 1927
Size 1 3/8″ x 2 5/8″
Images Black and White
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1927 Churchman Famous Golfers Overview

1927 Famous Golfers Walter Hagen GolfThis set included 50 cards picturing famous golfers, as indicated by the title. The cards were distributed in packs of Churchman’s cigarettes.

Cards pictured a black and white image of a particular golfer on the front along with his name. The backs included a biography of the subject. While most of the cards had a vertical layout, some were printed horizontally. Unlike most sets, cards were numbered alphabetically by the golfer’s last name.

Keys to the set include cards featuring Hall of Famers Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen. Each of those golfers has more than one card in the set, as do several others.

The cards are more desirable than later 1930s issues and a little more difficult to find.

Like other sets, a larger issue of these was available. That set had only 12 cards and those cards are generally harder to find than this one. A separate checklist for that issue is presented at the bottom of this page.

1927 Churchman Famous Golfers Checklist

Small Set

  1. John Ball
  2. John Ball
  3. Jim Barnes
  4. Aubrey Basil Boomer
  5. Aubrey Basil Boomer
  6. James Braid
  7. James Braid
  8. Archie Compston
  9. George Duncan
  10. George Duncan
  11. George Gadd
  12. George Gadd
  13. Walter Hagen
  14. Walter Hagen
  15. Robert Harris
  16. Arthur Havers
  17. Arthur Havers
  18. Alexander Herd
  19. Alexander Herd
  20. Alexander Herd
  21. Harold Hilton
  22. Earnest Holderness
  23. Len Holland
  24. William Hunter
  25. J. Hutchison
  26. Herbert Jolly
  27. Bobby Jones
  28. Bobby Jones
  29. Fred Leach
  30. Fred Leach
  31. Abe Mitchell
  32. Abe Mitchell
  33. Tom Morris
  34. Edward Ray
  35. Edward Ray
  36. Frederick Robson
  37. Ben Sayers
  38. A.F. Simpson
  39. Jess Sweetser
  40. Frederick Tait
  41. John Henry Taylor
  42. John Henry Taylor
  43. C. J. H. Tolley
  44. Harry Vardon
  45. Harry Vardon
  46. Harry Vardon
  47. Harry Vardon
  48. Roger Wethered
  49. Roger Wethered
  50. Ernest Whitcombe

Large Set

  1. John Ball
  2. James Braid
  3. George Duncan
  4. Walter Hagen
  5. Alex Herd
  6. Earnest Holderness
  7. Bobby Jones
  8. Abe Mitchell
  9. Edward Ray
  10. John Henry Taylor
  11. Harry Vardon
  12. Roger Wethered

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