1924 Imperial Tobacco The Reason Why (C32) Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Imperial Tobacco The Reason Why (C32)
Year 1924
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 7/16″
Images Color
Type Canadian / Tobacco
Number in Set

1924 Imperial Tobacco The Reason Why Overview

Imperial The Reason Why - Golf BallThe 1924 Imperial Tobacco The Reason Why set is a 50-card set that was distributed in Canada (by the Imperial Tobacco Company of Canada Limited). It is listed in the American Card Catalog as C32, as it is a Canadian issue.

As mentioned in the title of the set, this was an educational type of tobacco card set that explained certain traditions or how/why products were made. It is largely a non-sports sets, but does include two sports-related cards.

One card (No. 9) is related to the sport of golf and answers the question why the golf ball has an uneven surface. The back details the story of how golf balls were originally smooth and it was discovered that balls with dents in them actually traveled farther. Thus, the balls were then created with the dimples.

The same question with the regard to the golf balls was also addressed in a separate tobacco card set as a Wills tobacco set named ‘Do You Know’ includes a similar card.

The other sports-related card is one for horse racing as the card (No. 41) answers the question of why a horse wears blinkers (blinders), which is to keep the horse focused and not distracted by things it may see to its sides.

Cards feature color images on the front inside of a thin red border line while the backs with the descriptions are printed entirely in blue ink.

Near Parallel Set

It should also be noted that a larger, similar set was issued in 1924 by Gallaher in the UK. That set includes these 50 cards but also 50 for more for a total of 100 and the two sets can easily be confused since they have the same design.

The cards, however, can be distinguished without much trouble. The Imperial Tobacco cards have that name printed on the backs while the Gallaher cards have that name. In addition, the Imperial cards have ‘Series of 50’ on theirs while Gallaher’s state they are part of a ‘Series of 100.’

Not much difference in price, if any, is known.

1924 Imperial Tobacco The Reason Why Checklist

  1. A motor tyre valve does not allow air to escape
  2. A sirloin is so named
  3. Ship’s sails are often perforated
  4. A sailor’s collar has white lines
  5. A tailor’s thimble has no top
  6. Rontgen rays are called x-rays
  7. An eclipse occurs
  8. A mooring rope has a tin disc
  9. A golf ball is uneven on the surface
  10. A figure head was carved on old war vessels
  11. A ship has figures on its bows
  12. A grenadier wears a bearskin
  13. A coin works an automatic machine
  14. An iron ship floats
  15. A chemist’s shop shows coloured bottles
  16. Pawnbrokers have the three-ball sign
  17. Telephone wires rotate
  18. We call an Englishman “John Bull”
  19. Large saws have a notch on top
  20. A datum line is seen
  21. A gun barrel is rifled
  22. A miner’s lamp cannot set fire to gas
  23. Sections of railway lines are not laid close together
  24. Some idols have many heads
  25. Valves and crystals are used in wireless
  26. A clock has IIII for IV
  27. Yeoman of the guard are called beef-eaters
  28. Lightning strikes some objects but not others
  29. A waterspout occurs
  30. We shake hands
  31. We have lines on our hands
  32. People do not walk under ladders
  33. A fuse is necessary
  34. A vacuum flask keeps liquids hot
  35. A silver coin has a milled edge
  36. Railway wheels are tapped
  37. A coal mine has an anemometer
  38. Women wear wedding rings
  39. Steamer funnels have bands round
  40. A cage of white mice is carried in a submarine
  41. A horse wears blinkers
  42. An electric bell rings when we touch the button
  43. There are three flags in the Union Jack
  44. An electric lamp glows
  45. Wheels have curved spokes
  46. Sailors wear baggy pants
  47. A submarine cable is very thick
  48. We get the different seasons
  49. Belfry windows have slanting boards
  50. Moths fly against a candle flame

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