1920s Suchard Le Sport en Suisse Boxers Postcard Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Suchard Le Sport en Suisse Boxers Postcards
Year 1920s
Size 3 1/2″ x 5 1/2″
Images Red Ink
Type Postcards
Number in Set

1920s Suchard Le Sport en Suisse Boxers Postcards Overview

Suchard Chocolates Boxing PostcardThis rare set of postcards features Swiss boxers. In all, a total of six are found in the set.

Each postcard features a caricature of the fighter in question. The most distinctive feature for these postcards are their all red ink printing on the fronts (backs were printed in black and have a simple divider style).

The set was issued by Le Chocolat Suchard (Suchard Chocolate), a candy company in Switzerland. I have also sometimes seen the company referred to as Suchard Cocoa and that name actually appears on the backs.

Notably, the set has the word ‘Boxe’ on it, the French word for boxing. It is possible that Suchard created other sets of postcards with different subjects. However, while I have seen many other individual Suchard postcards, I have not yet seen other six-card sports sets such as this one.

I have never seen a conclusive dating of this series. However, the champions featured all have corresponding dates, presumably for their title reigns. The dates of all six fighters in the set range from 1924 through 1927, to so this is commonly believed to be a 1920s issue. It certainly could not have been issued prior to 1927.

1920s Suchard Le Sport en Suisse Boxers Postcards Checklist

  1. Ch. Baechli
  2. Clement
  3. Krautschi
  4. Marcel
  5. Sauthier II
  6. Willy

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