1888 Duke Snapshots from Puck Set and Checklist (N128)

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Duke Snapshots from Puck (N128)
Year 1888
Size  2 1/2″ x 3 1/4″
Images Color
Type 19th Century Tobacco
Number in Set

1888 Duke Snapshots from Puck Set Overview

N128 Snapshots from Puck TennisThis 25-card lithographic set was titled ‘Snapshots from Puck’ and was issued by Duke Tobacco around 1888. The cards were packaged inside of Duke’s Honest Long Cut tobacco products.

As Goldin Auction cites here, Puck was a popular 19th century publication focusing on humor. Cards from this set depict cartoon images of various situations, featuring images used in that publication. Mostly a non-sports set, a few sports cards are found here.

One features a cartoon illustration of a tennis player and another man trying to cross a plank at the same time. Another is a billiards scene.

Cards feature color lithographs with each one having a caption and description of what is happening in the picture. Backs of the cards indicate there are 25 snapshots taken from Puck as well as a brief advertisement for W. Duke Sons & Company tobacco, based out of North Carolina and New York.

1888 Duke Snapshots from Puck Checklist

  1. Accumulative instinct
  2. All he had
  3. Beneath his notice
  4. Crack at the truth
  5. Dangerous precedent
  6. Don’t move (Billiards)
  7. His first look at the new fountain
  8. Improvised pastille
  9. Miss Arenheim’s wedding
  10. Museum of art
  11. Nature of a privilege
  12. Jupiter Pluvius outdone
  13. More than one way (Tennis)
  14. Natural mistake
  15. Not used to it
  16. On the bridge
  17. On the New York and New Haven Railroad
  18. On the way to the station
  19. Poetry repeats itself
  20. Presence of mind
  21. She knew his whiskers
  22. Sport on the lots
  23. Subterfuge
  24. Unsofisticated
  25. What we see on the ferries

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