E. Trim and Company Tennis Postcards Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title E. Trim and Company Tennis Postcards
Year 1900s-1960s
Size 3 1/2″ x 5 1/2″
Images Black and White
Type Postcards
Number in Set

E. Trim and Company Tennis Postcards Set Overview

Rene Lacoste E. Trim and Company Tennis PostcardThese issues are generally considered to be the most popular pre-war and vintage tennis postcards of all time. Spanning several decades, they provide a great demonstration of how the sport evolved over that time.

While many postcard sets related to tennis capture generic subjects, the E. Trim and Company postcards feature real players. Specifically, pictures of the players were taken by E. Trim and Company at the All England Lawn Tennis Club, the site of Wimbledon. The postcards are particularly desired as some feature players that were never added into traditional tennis card sets.

Most of the postcards bear a unique letter/number designation on them, like used as some method of categorization. The E. Trim and Company name is also found on the postcards – sometimes through the printing of the name and others, through a raised seal.

The postcards are also pursued by autograph collectors as many of them were signed. Many of the postcards have a thicker border area at the bottom, allowing for signatures.

E. Trim and Company Tennis Postcards Checklist

A complete checklist for this large issue is not currently known. However, I have listed known players that have been seen below. Exact years of production for each has not been provided.

Additionally, because the postcards spanned many years, players can have more than one postcard. The list below does not include all of a player’s particular variations. It merely seeks to identify the number of different players found in the series.

  • Eskell Andrews
  • Cilly Aussem
  • Bunny Austin
  • Jean Borotra
  • Kea Bouman
  • Christian Boussus
  • Irene Bowder-Peacock / Bobbie Heine-Miller / Billie Tapscott
  • Cecil Campbell
  • Raymond Clarke
  • Henri Cochet
  • D. Cole
  • Ian Collins
  • Jack Crawford
  • Gordon Crole-Rees
  • Edith Cross
  • Lili de Alvarez
  • John Doeg
  • H.L. Doherty
  • Avory Edward
  • Norman Farquharson
  • Friedrich Frenz
  • J. Gallay
  • Kitty Godfrey
  • Leslie Godfrey
  • John Gregory
  • D.M. Greig
  • Ermyntrude Harvey
  • John Hennessey
  • Mrs. John Hill
  • Pat Hughes
  • Frank Hunter
  • G. W. V. Hurst
  • Aoki Iwao
  • Sydney Jacob
  • Wililam Johnston
  • Charles Kingsley
  • Vernon Kirby
  • Heinrich Kleinschroth
  • Jan Kozeluh
  • Rene Lacoste
  • Vladimir Landau
  • Pierre Landry
  • D.R. Larcombe
  • Norman Latchford
  • Harry Lee
  • Suzanne Lenglen
  • E. Maier
  • Molla Mallory
  • Henry Mayes
  • Nicolae Misu
  • Betty Nuthall
  • Gerald Patterson
  • J. Pennycuick
  • Fred Perry
  • Freidrich Rahe
  • Dorothy Round
  • M.C. Scriven
  • Nigel Sharpe
  • F.X. Shields
  • Mohammed Sleem
  • Patrick Spence
  • Bill Tilden
  • Hendrik Timmer
  • Don Turnbull
  • Bela Von Kehrling
  • John Van Ryn
  • A.F. Wilding
  • Helen Wills Moody
  • Sidney Wood

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