1939 Player and Sons Golf Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Player and Sons Golf
Year 1939
Size 2 1/2″ x 3″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1939 Player and Sons Golf Overview

1939 Player Sons GolfThis set included 25 cards issued by John Player and Sons Tobacco company. The cards featured actual golfers and were also instructional in nature as they provided tips on a variety of golf swings.

Backs of the cards simply title the series as ‘Golf’ and give a description of the type of shot that is pictured on the front.

Cards are similar to an earlier Player and Sons set – a 1936 tennis issue that featured a pair of cartoon images along with a full color picture of a particular player. The cards are similar but still quite a bit different, however. The tennis cards were narrow with green backgrounds while these were larger with white backgrounds.

Many of the big names in golf from the 1930s are not found in this set so it is one of the less expensive ones. However, a few Hall of Famers are found, including Percy Alliss and Henry Cotton.

1939 Player and Sons Golf Checklist

  1. James Adams
  2. Percy Alliss
  3. A.G. Beck
  4. Aubrey Boomer
  5. W.J. Branch
  6. Richard Burton
  7. J.J. Busson
  8. Archie Compston
  9. Henry Cotton
  10. W.J. Cox
  11. Allan Dailey
  12. W.H. Davies
  13. C.S. Denny
  14. George Duncan
  15. Syd Easterbrook
  16. Bert Gadd
  17. Bert Hudson
  18. Sam King
  19. A.J. Lacey
  20. Abe Mitchell
  21. A.H. Padgham
  22. Bert Gadd
  23. W.T. Twine
  24. C.A. Whitcombe
  25. R.A. Whitcombe

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