1924 Cavenders Homeland Series Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Cavenders Homeland Series
Year 1924
Size 1 3/8″ x 2 1/2″ and 1 15/16″ x 2 15/16″
Images Black and White / Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1924 Cavenders Homeland Series Overview

1924 Cavenders Homeland Series Golf.jpgThis is a set from the UK that features pictures of various events in England. It is similar to the later Homeland Events cards printed in 1927 and later, 1932, packaged with Wills and Lambert & Butler products.

In all, there are actually several different Cavenders Homeland Series sets. There are two different sizes – one is a smaller card and one is larger measuring nearly 2″ x 3″. In addition, some are real black and white photos while others are colorized pictures of the same image. As if that wasn’t enough, Cavenders issued these with more than one product brand. For example, some backs are found with only the Cavenders name and others are found with other brand names, such as Army Club Cigarettes.

Like the Homeland Events sets, the Cavenders issues also include 54 cards and utilize the same type of design. Real images were used and backs included the Cavanders name, the maker of this issue. Cavanders was a London and Glasgow tobacco company established in 1775, as indicated on the cards.

Similar to the Homeland Events sets, most of these cards are non-sports cards. However, a handful of sports issues are featured as there is one card for tennis and golf, as well as a few others, such as soccer.

One distinctive feature of this series is that, instead of a description on the back of the sport or event, a brief poem or song snippet is printed instead.

1924 Cavenders Homeland Series Checklist

  1. A Sussex Shepherd and Flock
  2. Winter on the Frays, near Uxbridge
  3. Steeping Stones at Hardcastle
  4. Steelechasing
  5. Fishers Unloading at Brixham
  6. A Harvesting Idyll in Hampshire
  7. An Evening Row in the Lake District
  8. The Best Sport of the Day
  9. On the Bronds in Norfolk
  10. The Mill, Jesmond / Dene, Newcastle
  11. Golf
  12. In the Portsmouth Roads
  13. In an Essex Wheat Field
  14. The Waterfalls, Hebden Bridge, Hardcastle
  15. Coaching Days
  16. Sweet Emblems of England
  17. The Cottage Homes of England
  18. Seashore Rocks on the Northeast Coast
  19. Football (Soccer)
  20. Winter on a Thames Backwater
  21. Still Life
  22. At Watersmeet, Lynmouth
  23. A Type of English Beauty
  24. A Highland Family
  25. A Hunting Morning
  26. On the Norfolk Broads
  27. Burnham Beeches, Buckinghamshire
  28. Harvesting in the Isle of Arran
  29. Cricket
  30. An Evening Scene in Sussex
  31. A Hunting We Will Go
  32. A Wayside Corner in Kent
  33. Highland Cattle Changing Pastures
  34. Hockey (Field Hockey)
  35. Sunshine in the Lake District
  36. Emblems of England
  37. A Cheshire Lane Under Snow
  38. The Halfway House
  39. In the West Highlands
  40. Old Houses in Chilham, Kent
  41. A West County Lane
  42. The Favourite Meet
  43. Looking Across Ullswater
  44. Autumn Fruits
  45. Tennis
  46. Mid Winter in a Surrey Lane
  47. On the Trossachs
  48. Out on the Open Road
  49. The Quiet Shores of Devon
  50. A Fine Finish

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