1923 Sarony Tennis Strokes Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Sarony Tennis Strokes
Year 1923
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 5/8″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1923 Sarony Tennis Strokes Overview

Sarony Tennis StrokiesThe 1923 Sarony Tennis Strokes set features the various types of shots in the sport. The cards show mostly players hitting different shots but some are closeups of a player’s wrist or arm to showcase a particular grip.

The cards are mostly black and white, showing players in that format. However, they are also partially color images as the backgrounds are an olive green color. The Tennis Strokes name is at the top of every card with the bottom providing a title or description of what is shown. The texture of the cards is somewhat unique as they have a bit of a chalky/rough feel to them.

The set focuses on forehand strokes, service, backhand strokes, and volleys. Five cards are dedicated to each area, other than the volleys, which were discussed on ten cards.

The issue was distributed in packages of Sarony cigarettes cards made by Nicholas Sarony & Company, which was based out of London in the UK. Backs included a longer description of what was depicted on the front of the card with those excerpts being taken from a book, “How to Play Lawn Tennis,” as credited. Sarony also printed another set in 1923 called the Origin of Games. That set reviewed the earliest forms for numerous sports, including tennis.

The book was written by Irish tennis player J.C. (James Cecil) Parke. Parke’s name is on the cards and he is the player demonstrating the tennis shots on the front. In addition to tennis, Parke also played golf and rugby.

As an earlier set, these cards command a bit more than the 1930s UK issues, typically selling for about $2-$3 or so each, though they can sometimes be found for less.

1923 Sarony Tennis Strokes Checklist

  1. Forehand – Grip
  2. Forehand – Moment of Impact
  3. Forehand – Moment of Impact for Low Hopping Ball
  4. Forehand – Finish of Swing
  5. Forehand – Finish of Swing for Cross-court Drive
  6. Service – Stance when Awaiting Service (Right Court)
  7. Service – Stance when Awaiting Service (Left Court)
  8. Service – Beginning of Swing
  9. Service – Moment of Impact
  10. Service – Finish of Swing
  11. Backhand – English Grip
  12. Backhand – Beginning of Swing
  13. Backhand – Moment of Impact
  14. Backhand – Moment of Impact, Low Bounding Ball
  15. Backhand – Finish of Swing
  16. Volley – Beginning of Swing for Smash
  17. Volley – Moment of Impact in Smash
  18. Volley – Finish of Swing in Smash
  19. Volley – Moment of Impact in Backhand Smash
  20. Volley – Shoulder-high Volley on Forehand
  21. Volley – Shoulder-high Volley on Backhand Straight Down Line
  22. Volley – Shoulder-high Volley on Backhand Across Court
  23. Volley – Forehand Low Volley Across Court
  24. Volley – Forehand Low Volley Drop-shot or Straight Down Line
  25. Volley – Low Volley Backhand Drop-shot or Straight Down Line

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