1909 E92 Croft, Dockman, and Nadja Set

‘It’s In The Details’

Title E92 Croft Candy, Croft Cocoa, Dockman, Nadja
Year 1909
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 3/4″
Images Color
Type Candy/Caramel
Number in Set

E92 Croft/Dockman/Nadja Overview

E92 Dockman Honus WagnerThe 1909 E92 set actually contains four different releases representing Croft’s Candy, Croft’s Cocoa, Dockman and Sons, and Nadja Caramels. The same players and pictures on the cards were used on other E-Card issues, such as E101, E102, and E106.

The cards utilized the same pictures and players, but not all players were represented in all sets.

The E92 Nadja Caramels set had the biggest checklist with 62 players. Both Croft’s Candy and Croft’s Cocoa included 50 players, while Dockman included the fewest with 40. Each company/product had their own advertising back.

The same 50 players were used in both the Croft’s Candy and Croft’s Cocoa sets, so those two share the same checklist. However, those cards should not be considered to be equals even in the slightest as there is a significant difference between them.

The cards had your typical early candy/caramel card look. They included full color images with the player’s name, position, and team at the bottom. The cards also had a standard white border.

The sets have numerous big names but Ty Cobb, Honus Wagner, Christy Mathewson, and Cy Young are considered the headliners.

Back Rarity

Dockman is the easiest back to obtain and is seemingly the most plentiful. For this reason, those cards are generally the most inexpensive. Because Dockman has the fewest cards, is the cheapest, and is the most plentiful, it is often the easy ‘go to’ for collectors wanting to complete an E92 set. Croft’s Candy and Nadja would be second in terms of easiest to obtain followed by the rare Croft’s Cocoa backs.

Adding to the confusion with the backs is that the Croft’s Candy backs can be found printed in red, blue, or black with black easily being the most plentiful. Croft’s Candy backs are not all that common, but when you do see them, chances are they will be printed in black ink. Ones printed in blue and red bring a premium and it should be noted that of all of the different back variations, the red Croft Candy cards are likely the toughest of all.

Below are pictures of the six different backs in the set:

Toy Town Stamps

Toy Town Stamp TopOne final noteworthy point regarding the card backs is the Toy Town Post Office stamp. These small, circular, purple-ink stamps that read ‘Toy Town’ are found on some of the card backs. That stamp came from a popular children’s game and it can be found on some other types of cards as well. Here’s a bit more on the Toy Town stamps.

Two possibilities for the stamps exist. First, they could have been merely the work of a young collector, who stamped his cards with that mark. Another possibility is that the game’s manufacturer could have used the cards as some sort of promotion and stamped them. The answer is not known but the stamp itself comes from that game.

Shown here is an example of the stamp (albeit on the back of an E97 card instead). The stamps are known on E92s and several other card types as well.

E92 Croft/Dockman/Nadja Checklist

E92 Croft Candy / Croft Cocoa

  1. Jack Barry
  2. Harry Bemis
  3. Chief Bender (striped hat)
  4. Chief Bender (white hat)
  5. Bill Bergen
  6. Bob Bescher
  7. Al Bridwell
  8. Ty Cobb
  9. Doc Casey
  10. Frank Chance
  11. Hal Chase
  12. Eddie Collins
  13. Sam Crawford
  14. Harry Davis
  15. Art Devlin
  16. Bill Donovan
  17. Red Dooin
  18. Mickey Doolan
  19. Patsy Dougherty
  20. Larry Doyle (batting)
  21. Larry Doyle (throwing)
  22. Johnny Evers
  23. George Gibson
  24. Topsy Hartsel
  25. Fred Jacklitsch
  26. Hughie Jennings
  27. Red Kleinow
  28. Otto Knabe
  29. Jack Knight
  30. Nap Lajoie
  31. Hans Lobert
  32. Sherry Magee
  33. Christy Mathewson
  34. John McGraw
  35. Larry McLean
  36. Dots Miller (batting)
  37. Dots Miller (fielding)
  38. Danny Murphy
  39. Bill O’Hara
  40. Germany Schaefer
  41. Admiral Schlei
  42. Boss Schmidt
  43. Boss Schmidt (called ‘Smith’ on card)
  44. Johnny Seigle
  45. Dave Shean
  46. Joe Tinker
  47. Honus Wagner (batting)
  48. Honus Wagner (throwing)
  49. Cy Young
  50. Heinie Zimmerman

E92 Dockman

  1. Harry Bemis
  2. Chief Bender
  3. Bill Bergen
  4. Bob Bescher
  5. Al Bridwell
  6. Doc Casey
  7. Frank Chance
  8. Hal Chase
  9. Sam Crawford
  10. Harry Davis
  11. Art Devlin
  12. Bill Donovan
  13. Mickey Doolan
  14. Patsy Dougherty
  15. Larry Doyle (batting)
  16. Larry Doyle (throwing)
  17. George Gibson
  18. Topsy Hartsel
  19. Hughie Jennings
  20. Red Kleinow
  21. Nap Lajoie
  22. Hans Lobert
  23. Sherry Magee
  24. Christy Mathewson
  25. John McGraw
  26. Larry McLean
  27. Dots Miller
  28. Danny Murphy
  29. Bill O’Hara
  30. Germany Schaefer
  31. Admiral Schlei
  32. Boss Schmidt
  33. Boss Schmidt (called ‘Smith’ on card)
  34. Johnny Seigle
  35. Dave Shean
  36. Joe Tinker
  37. Honus Wagner (batting)
  38. Honus Wagner (throwing)
  39. Cy Young
  40. Heinie Zimmerman

E92 Nadja

  1. Bill Bailey
  2. Jack Barry
  3. Harry Bemis
  4. Chief Bender (striped hat)
  5. Chief Bender (white hat)
  6. Bill Bergen
  7. Bob Bescher
  8. Roger Bresnahan
  9. Al Bridwell
  10. Ty Cobb
  11. Doc Casey
  12. Frank Chance
  13. Hal Chase
  14. Eddie Collins
  15. Sam Crawford
  16. Harry Davis
  17. Art Devlin
  18. Bill Donovan
  19. Red Dooin
  20. Mickey Doolan
  21. Patsy Dougherty
  22. Larry Doyle (batting)
  23. Larry Doyle (throwing)
  24. Rube Ellis
  25. Johnny Evers
  26. George Gibson
  27. Topsy Hartsel (correct spelling)
  28. Topsy Hartzell (batting/name misspelled)
  29. Topsy Hartzell (fielding/name misspelled)
  30. Harry Howell (waiting to throw)
  31. Harry Howell (throwing)
  32. Fred Jacklitsch
  33. Hughie Jennings
  34. Red Kleinow
  35. Otto Knabe
  36. Jack Knight
  37. Nap Lajoie
  38. Hans Lobert
  39. Sherry Magee
  40. Christy Mathewson
  41. John McGraw
  42. Larry McLean
  43. Dots Miller (batting)
  44. Dots Miller (fielding)
  45. Danny Murphy
  46. Bill O’Hara
  47. Rebel Oakes
  48. Eddie Phelps
  49. Germany Schaefer
  50. Admiral Schlei
  51. Boss Schmidt
  52. Boss Schmidt (called ‘Smith’ on card)
  53. Johnny Seigle
  54. Dave Shean
  55. George Stone (blue background)
  56. Geoge Stone (green background)
  57. Joe Tinker
  58. Honus Wagner (batting)
  59. Honus Wagner (throwing)
  60. Bobby Wallace
  61. Cy Young
  62. Heinie Zimmerman

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