1928 W465 Pacific Coast League Exhibits Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title W465 Pacific Coast League Exhibits
Year 1928
Size 3 3/8″ x 5 3/8″
Images Blue Tint
Type Exhibit
Number in Set

W465 Pacific Coast League Exhibit Overview

28PCL Fenton.jpg

The 1928 W465 Pacific Coast League Exhibits included players from that league. These are distinctive from most other Exhibits since the pictures on the front have a blue colored tint.

Fronts include a player image and his name/team while the backs are blank.

Despite being a minor league issue, there are some recognizable names in the set. One is Hall of Famer Earl Averill. And while there are only 32 cards in the set, there are also several spelling errors in the names.

You can see pictures of the postcards here.

W465 Pacific Coast League Exhibit Postcards Checklist

  1. Buzz Arlett
  2. Earl Averill
  3. Carl Berger
  4. Ping Bodie
  5. Carl Dittmar
  6. Jack Fenton
  7. Neal Finn
  8. Ray French
  9. Tony Governor
  10. Truck Hannah
  11. Mickey Heath
  12. Wally Good
  13. Fuzzy Fufft
  14. Smead Jolley
  15. Bobby Jones
  16. Rudy Kallio
  17. Ray Keating
  18. Johnny Kerr
  19. Harry Krause
  20. Lynford Lary
  21. Dudley Lee
  22. Walter Mails
  23. Jimmy Reese
  24. Dusty Rhodes
  25. Hal Rhyne
  26. Hank Severeid
  27. Earl Sheely
  28. Frank Shellenback
  29. Gordon Slade
  30. Hollis Thurston
  31. Babe Twombly
  32. Earl Weathersby

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