Buck Weaver headlines 1911 D310 Pacific Coast Biscuit Set Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title D310 Pacific Coast Biscuit
Year 1911
Size 2 1/2″ x 4 1/4″
Images Black and White
Type Bakery
Number in Set

1911 D310 Pacific Coast Biscuit Overview

d310-weaverThe 1911 D310 Pacific Coast Biscuit set featured minor leaguers from teams out west on, you guessed it, the Pacific Coast.

The set largely contains minor players – some of which made it to the major leagues. Easily the prize of the set, though, is Buck Weaver. Weaver is famous, of course, for his role on the 1919 Chicago Black Sox team. Banned with other members of the White Sox for the gambling scandal surrounding the 1919 World Series, his cards are in high demand.

There are a few other interesting players here and a few sought after cards by collectors. Overall, though, Weaver is by far and away the key to the set. In all, the six Pacific Coast League teams are included (Los Angeles, Oakland, Portland, Sacramento, San Francisco, and Vernon) with 12 players from each squad represented.

Card fronts are printed in black and white and include a player image and name while the backs include a complete checklist of the entire set. In addition, backs also state that the set is presented by the Pacific Coast Biscuit Company.

1911 D310 Pacific Coast Biscuit Checklist

Below is a checklist of the entire set. The cards are not numbered but presented in order of the checklist on the cards (by team).

  1. Madden (start of San Francisco team)
  2. Browning
  3. Henley
  4. Smith
  5. Holland
  6. Weaver (Buck)
  7. Tennant
  8. Sutor
  9. Vitt
  10. McArdle
  11. Berry
  12. Mohler
  13. Mitze (start of Oakland team)
  14. Wares
  15. Ables
  16. Chistian
  17. Zacher
  18. Pernoll
  19. Hoffman
  20. Cutshaw
  21. Maggert
  22. Wolverton
  23. Pfyl
  24. Tiedeman
  25. Kuhn (start of Portland team)
  26. Koestner
  27. Seaton
  28. Peckinpaugh
  29. Sheehan
  30. Henderson
  31. Steen
  32. Ryan
  33. Murray
  34. McCredie
  35. Rapps
  36. Chadbourne
  37. LaLonge (start of Sacramento team)
  38. Heister
  39. Danzig
  40. Van Buren
  41. Ftzgerald
  42. Lewis
  43. O’Rourke
  44. Thompson
  45. Nourse
  46. Byram
  47. Baum
  48. Arrelanes
  49. Delmas (start of Los Angeles team)
  50. Daley
  51. Howard
  52. Bernard
  53. Moore
  54. Akin
  55. Delhi
  56. Dillon
  57. Metzger
  58. Smith
  59. Tozer
  60. Agnew
  61. Ross (start of Vernon team)
  62. Hogan
  63. Raleigh
  64. McDonnell
  65. Brashear
  66. Gipe
  67. Carlisle
  68. Hosp
  69. Stinson
  70. Patterson
  71. Burrell
  72. Hitt

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