1896-1898 PE4 Cameo Pepsin Gum / Whitehead and Hoag Pins Set and Checklist

The 1896-1898 PE4 Cameo Pepsin Gum pin set includes over 100 subjects and is one of the earliest known pin issues.

The set has been designated as a PE issue by the American Card Catalog because it is a pin distributed with an early candy or gum product.

The issue has long been a mystery. While it was long believed the set was printed in 1898, research from a few years ago states that at least some of the pins were created in 1896.

Pins include a player image and name on the front along with a Cameo Pepsin Gum advertisement on the back. The backs state that they were made by the American Pepsin Gum Company out of Newark, New Jersey. But while the set is still classified here as the Cameo Pepsin set since that is what it is known by from most collectors, it is suggested in that linked article above that the actual manufacturer was the Whitehead and Hoag Company (also in Newark).

Check back later for a full checklist of the set.

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