1939 R&J Hill Celebrities of Sport Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title R&J Hill Celebrities of Sport
Year 1939
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 5/8″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1939 R&J Hill Celebrities of Sport Set Overview

1934 R&J Hill Celebrities in Sport Tennis1934 R&J Hill Celebrities in Sport Boxing1934 R&J Hill Celebrities in Sport HockeyThis set was like many other international tobacco issues from the 1930s, featuring multiple athletes over a series of different sports. Cards were distributed by R&J Hill, Ltd. out of England.

The set features many different sports, including hockey, boxing, tennis, golf, soccer, and more. Cards featured color pictures of athletes on the front and biographies on the backs.

Of the big four American sports, ice hockey is here, though the players mentioned are not household names in the U.S. by any means. Two hockey players from Wembley are in the set, including Alexander Archer and Gordon Dailley.

More recognizable names can be found in other sports, though. Notably, several recognizable boxing and tennis players are included, such as tennis Hall of Famer Fred Perry and boxer Len Harvey.

1939 R&J Hill Celebrities of Sport Set Checklist

  1. Gerry Wilson
  2. Doris Storey
  3. Kathleen Stammers (Tennis)
  4. Jean Nicholl (Tennis)
  5. R. Wilson Shaw
  6. J.R. Bingham
  7. Peter Scott
  8. R.H. Guest
  9. Jack Holden
  10. A. G. K. Brown
  11. G.D. Tomalin
  12. Alexander Archer (Hockey)
  13. Bunny Austin (Tennis)
  14. Eric Boon (Boxing)
  15. Henry Cotton (Golf)
  16. A.B. Sanford
  17. Len Harvey (Boxing)
  18. Jean Batten
  19. Malcolm Campbell
  20. Fred Perry (Tennis)
  21. John Cobb
  22. Malcolm Craven
  23. Stanley Cullis
  24. Gordon Dailley (Hockey)
  25. Joe Davis
  26. George Eyston
  27. Tommy Farr (Boxing)
  28. K. Gandar-Dower
  29. Walter Hammond
  30. Wilfred Wooller
  31. Gordon Richards
  32. Alex Henshaw
  33. Len Hutton
  34. Bryn Jones
  35. Margot Lumb
  36. Stanley Matthews
  37. Tom Newman
  38. R. C. F. Nichols (Tennis)
  39. R. Perryman
  40. K. Farnes
  41. Teddy Phelps
  42. J.G. Carruthers
  43. T. Sopwith
  44. H.B. Toft
  45. Mrs. Uber (Tennis)
  46. Hedley Verity
  47. Reggie Whitcombe (Golf)
  48. Arthur Wilkinson
  49. S. C. Wooderson
  50. Victor Woodley

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