1933 Churchman Can You Beat Bogey at St. Andrews Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Churchman Can You Beat Bogey at St. Andrews
Year 1933
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 3/4″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1933 Churchman Can You Beat Bogey at St. Andrews Set Overview

1933 Churchman Bogey at St. Andrews GolfThis tobacco set focused on giving collectors and up close look at the famous St. Andrews golf course. It was issued by W. A. & A. C. Churchman for their tobacco products.

A total of 55 cards are found in the set and each one contained a cartoon image of a particular hole on the course. Three cards were dedicated to each hole accounting for 54 cards.

The first card for each hole began with a golfer’s score of the bogey amount. For example, the first hole had a bogey score of 4 and it showed a golfer’s score of 4. The second card added a stroke or two and then third card added yet another stroke or two. By the end of the subset for that particular hole, a sample score was shown that was significantly over part. The golfer on each hole was unsuccessful at reaching par on every one.

Backs of the cards described the golfer’s plight, calling him ‘Mr. Everyman’ and explaining how he came to achieve his score. The descriptions of the strokes were completed by Bernard Darwin.

These cards have two variations. One variation has a standard back with no overprint. However, a second back has a red-ink overprint with the message that the card was ‘Exchangeable until 28th February, 1934.”

Finally, while 54 cards make up a standard set, the complete issue actually includes 55. A black and white Joker card was also available with a phrase ‘Holed in One’ printed on it. The card is pretty rare and often missing from sets. It also stated that it was only available at Bogey 3 holes.’

1933 Churchman Can You Beat Bogey at St. Andrews Checklist

  1. 1st Burn Hole
  2. 1st Burn Hole
  3. 1st Burn Hole
  4. 2nd Dyke Hole
  5. 2nd Dyke Hole
  6. 2nd Dyke Hole
  7. 3rd Cartgate Hole
  8. 3rd Cartgate Hole
  9. 3rd Cartgate Hole
  10. 4th Ginger Beer Hole
  11. 4th Ginger Beer Hole
  12. 4th Ginger Beer Hole
  13. 5th Hole O’Cross
  14. 5th Hole O’Cross
  15. 5th Hole O’Cross
  16. 6th Heathery Hole
  17. 6th Heathery Hole
  18. 6th Heathery Hole
  19. 7th High Hole
  20. 7th High Hole
  21. 7th High Hole
  22. 8th Short Hole
  23. 8th Short Hole
  24. 8th Short Hole
  25. 9th End Hole
  26. 9th End Hole
  27. 9th End Hole
  28. 10th Tenth Hole
  29. 10th Tenth Hole
  30. 10th Tenth Hole
  31. 11th High Hole
  32. 11th High Hole
  33. 11th High Hole
  34. 12th Heathery Hole
  35. 12th Heathery Hole
  36. 12th Heathery Hole
  37. 13th Hole O’Cross
  38. 13th Hole O’Cross
  39. 13th Hole O’Cross
  40. 14th Long Hole
  41. 14th Long Hole
  42. 14th Long Hole
  43. 15th Cartgate Hole
  44. 15th Cartgate Hole
  45. 15th Cartgate Hole
  46. 16th Corner of the Dyke Hole
  47. 16th Corner of the Dyke Hole
  48. 16th Corner of the Dyke Hole
  49. 17th Road Hole
  50. 17th Road Hole
  51. 17th Road Hole
  52. 18th Home Hole
  53. 18th Home Hole
  54. 18th Home Hole
  55. Joker

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