1909 Yale Football Postcards Set

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Yale Football Postcards
Year 1909
Size 3 1/2″ x 5 1/2″
Images Black and White
Type Postcards
Number in Set

1909 Yale Football Postcards Overview

Birch 1909 Yale PostcardThis rare set features members of Yale’s 1909 college football team.

Similar to the 1907 Dietsche Michigan issue, this unique set included black and white photos of individual players. The postcards were pretty basic with player names (only their last names) and their position printed at the bottom along with the Yale name.

The postcards had thick white borders, particularly on the sides. Player pictures were printed inside of a black-bordered box.

Players wore mostly sweaters in the pictures, though they differed in style from player to player and a few different types were represented. Most are wearing sweaters with a ‘Y’ on them but Kilpatrick’s image has him with a sweater that reads 1911. That may seem to place the dating of this set in question, however that was the year Kilpatrick was to graduate (which he ultimately did).

Kilpatrick is one of the key postcards in the issue. He is credited as having thrown the first overhand forward pass in college football and would go on to become president of the Madison Square Garden Corporation and a respected executive in the National Hockey League. He eventually found his way as a builder in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

1909 Yale Football Postcards Checklist

  1. Andrus
  2. Biddle
  3. Birch (Captain)
  4. Brides
  5. Cooney
  6. Coy
  7. Goebal
  8. Haines
  9. Hobbs
  10. Jones (Backfield Coach)
  11. Kilpatrick
  12. Logan
  13. Philbin
  14. Wheaton

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