1926 W511 Strip Cards Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title W511 Strip
Year 1926
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 1/4″
Images Various
Type Strip
Number in Set

W511 Strip Card Overview

W511 Babe Ruth Strip CardThe W511 strip card set is a somewhat confusing issue full of tint color variations and strange numbering patterns.

Babe Ruth is the only baseball player found in the set. He is, however, featured four times (three with card numbers and a fourth with no number) so it’s more of a baseball issue than it might seem. Several other celebrities are in the set more than once as well, so that distinction is not unique to him. Ruth’s cards are easily the most expensive. Even in low-grade condition, they usually top $500.

In addition to Ruth, one other major athlete in the set is boxer Jack Dempsey. Also here is Bill Edwards, a former football player and football coach, who is pictured with child star Jackie Coogan. That card can be classified as an early football card and it features the print ‘Bill Edwards (Football Star)’ as he carries Coogan. The card featuring Edwards is one of the few strip cards with a football player.

Cards are black and white with some featuring color tints such as blue, purple, and red. The color tints do not appear to be tied to any specific card numbers. Several cards with the same card numbers can be found in black and white or with the color tint. The fronts are basic with only a picture, name, and card number on the front. Backs are blank.

W511Many cards also do not have card numbers. Since at least some have numbered cards, it can be assumed that they were perhaps supposed to be numbered. Further confusing matters is that the same card number was issued for at least a few different personalities.

These cards are often found in low-grade condition. That trait is common for strip issues, of course. However, these cards are often found with jagged cuts and are more difficult to find in high-grade condition that many strip cards.

Finally, while some celebrities appear on multiple card numbers, the same pictures were used. Some, however, have slightly different fonts.

W511 Strip Card Checklist

A complete W511 strip card checklist is not known. But in an effort to display one, I have listed the cards known or believed to be known here. It is possible that this set was skip numbered.

95 cards are known in the set but more than that technically exist in a theoretical master set considering the unnumbered variations and the color variations.

  1. Babe Ruth (Baseball)
  2. Tom Mix
  3. Dempsey/Kearns
  4. US Battleships
  5. Mexican Cowboy (Anonymous)
  6. The White House
  7. L.A. Firpo (Boxing)
  8. Fairbanks/Pickford – Another No. 8 of L.A. Firpo also exists (Boxing)
  9. Charlie Chaplin
  10. Jackie Coogan/Bill Edwards (Football)
  11. Charles Lindbergh
  12. Clarence Chamberlin
  13. Ruth Elder
  14. Hoot Gibson a No. 14 also exists for Com. R.E. Byrd
  15. Charles Lindbergh
  16. Unknown
  17. Unknown
  18. Charlie Chaplin
  19. Unknown
  20. Unknown
  21. Betty Bronson
  22. Evelyn Pierce
  23. F. Bushman
  24. Dawn O’Day
  25. Rudolph Valentino
  26. Unknown
  27. Evelyn Pierce
  28. Unknown
  29. Dawn O’Day
  30. Tom Mix
  31. Jack Hoxie – another No. 31 exists of Mickey Daniels
  32. Dustin Farnum
  33. William Duncan
  34. Hoot Gibson
  35. Tom Mix
  36. Unknown
  37. Unknown
  38. Unknown
  39. Unknown
  40. Unknown
  41. Harold Lloyd
  42. Unknown
  43. Clyde Cook
  44. Our Gang
  45. Unknown
  46. Unknown
  47. Unknown
  48. Unknown
  49. Unknown
  50. Unknown
  51. Mickey Daniels
  52. Babe Ruth (Baseball) – Charley Chase is also found on No. 52
  53. Ralph Raves
  54. Harry Langdon
  55. Fatty Joe Cobb
  56. Unknown
  57. Unknown
  58. Unknown
  59. Unknown
  60. Unknown
  61. Cowgirl
  62. Cowboy Camp
  63. Charlie Chaplin
  64. D. Fairbanks
  65. Baby Peggy
  66. Unknown
  67. Unknown
  68. Unknown
  69. Unknown
  70. Unknown
  71. Babe Ruth (Baseball)
  72. Mix/Oldfield/Semon (Auto Racing)
  73. Jack Dempsey (also a No. 73 with Dempsey/Kearns) (Boxing)
  74. U.S. Battleships
  75. Mexican Cowboy (Anonymous)
  76. Unknown
  77. Unknown
  78. Unknown
  79. Unknown
  80. Unknown
  81. Jackie Coogan
  82. Jimmie Walker
  83. Wesley Barry
  84. J. Beery
  85. Antonio Moreno
  86. Unknown
  87. Unknown
  88. Unknown
  89. Unknown
  90. Unknown
  91. The White House
  92. L.A. Firpo (Boxing)
  93. Fairbanks/Pickford
  94. Charlie Chaplin
  95. Jackie Coogan/Bill Edwards (Football)

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