1923 German Transfers Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title German Transfers
Year 1923
Size 1 1/8″ x 1 1/2″
Images Color
Type Stamps
Number in Set

1923 German Transfers Overview


The 1923 German Transfers sheet includes a total of 25 subjects. Numerous baseball and boxing stars were included.

These can be found separated with perforated edges or sometimes with the full sheet intact. A fully intact sheet includes five rows of five athletes. Three players were repeated in the set – baseball players Zack Wheat and Red Faber, and also boxer Georges Carpentier. As a result, their stamps were double printed, although it doesn’t generally hurt their values with this set, which isn’t widely collected.

Also included on the sheet are big names Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Jack Dempsey, Grover Alexander, Tris Speaker, and more. Bottoms of the stamps state that they were made in Germany.

Athlete names on the transfers are, of course, reversed. This is so that they display properly when the transfer is affixed to something.

While the transfers are technically in color, the only ink colors used were red and green.

1923 German Transfers Checklist

The transfers are somewhat rare and PSA has graded about 200 to date.

  1. Grover Alexander
  2. Dave Bancroft
  3. Leonard Benny
  4. George Burns
  5. Georges Carpentier
  6. Georges Carpentier
  7. Ty Cobb
  8. Jack Dempsey
  9. Red Faber
  10. Red Faber
  11. Luis Firpo
  12. Tommy Gibbons
  13. Floyd Johnson
  14. Art Nehf
  15. Babe Ruth
  16. Ray Schalk
  17. Everett Scott
  18. Bob Shawkey
  19. Babbling Siki
  20. Tris Speaker
  21. Casey Stengel
  22. Lew Tendler
  23. Zack Wheat
  24. Zack Wheat
  25. Harry Willis

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