1910 Colonial Art / F.G. Henry Tennis Postcards Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Colonial Art / F.G. Henry Tennis Postcards
Year 1910
Size 3 1/2″ x 5 1/2″
Images Black and White
Type Postcards
Number in Set
6 (?)

1910 Colonial Art / F.G. Henry Tennis Postcards Set Overview

1910 Colonial Art - F.G. Henry Tennis PostcardThis postcard set was created by Colonial Art and published by the F.G. Henry Company. It was similar to several other Colonial Art sets for baseball and also for football.

The three Colonial Art set for those three sports always mixed the related sport with romance. Sepia images of men and women are always displayed and the tennis set was no exception. A creative caption related to the sport was at the bottom. The Colonial Art and F.G. Henry names were printed in very small font in the caption area. Both were New York-based firms.

Backs of the cards were basic with the words ‘Post Card’ at the top and a divider line. The left side of the card was to be used for correspondence while the right was the spot for the recipient’s address.

Like other Colonial Art issues, there are slight variations of these postcards. Other postcards utilized a similar layout but there were minor differences, such as the font of the caption or the fact that the Colonial Art/F.G. Henry name was missing.

1910 Colonial Art / F.G. Henry Tennis Postcards Checklist

Below are the known cards in the set that I have seen to date. Others may exist.

  1. The American Service
  2. Back Volley
  3. Double Service
  4. English Service
  5. Interference
  6. Service in the Wrong Court

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