1929-38 W463 Four on One Exhibits Sets

‘It’s In The Details’

Title W463 Four on One Exhibits
Year 1929-38
Size 3 5/16″ x 5 5/16″
Images Color Tints / Black and White
Type Exhibit
Number in Set

W463 Exhibit Postcards Overview

33EX Giants.jpg

33EX Cardinals.jpg

Similar to the W461 series, the W463 series includes many subsets/sets. A total of eight sets are designated as W463 cards and each set is slightly different than the others.

Technically, they pick up from where the W461s left off. That series ended in 1928 and these began in 1929.

W463 postcard exhibits include four different players on each one. For that reason, they are often called ‘Four in Ones.’ Fronts each include four different players while the backs are different. For example, some backs have a postcard back, others are blank, and others have a special offer for collectors to send in coupons for prizes.

The fronts vary as well. Some have colored tints and some have black and white photographs.

A total of 160 cards are included in the W463 series.

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