1932 College Captains Arcade Cards Set

‘It’s In The Details’

Title College Captains Arcade Cards
Year 1932
Size 3 1/4″ x 5 1/2″
Images Black and White
Type Miscellaneous
Number in Set

1932 College Captains Arcade Cards Overview

1932 Arcade Cards Ivan Williamson.jpgThe 1932 College Captains set was an arcade cards issue. Arcade cards were essentially cards that were purchased through vending machines, generally found in arcades. Arcade cards were generally produced by the Exhibit Supply Company.

While there are still a few such machines today, typically when you find sports cards in a vending machine, they are cards that are produced by companies such as Topps and others that can be found elsewhere. Arcade cards in the pre-war era were usually cards that were only available through the machines.

These cards were approximately the size of a postcard and included black and white images of college football players. Specifically, they included a total of ten captains of football teams from around the country. Most of the teams were from the midwestern United States. Today, many of the teams play in the Big Ten Conference.

The cards were clean with a player image at the top and the player’s name a short biography at the bottom. A few of the player names included nicknames. All cards had white borders with the school’s name at the top in bold letters and the backs were blank. Cards were also printed on somewhat thin stock and easily susceptible to damage.

While only ten cards are found in the set, these are not easily found. You will see them from time to time but, unless finding a complete set already assembled, building one can take some time.

1932 College Captains Arcade Cards Checklist

  1. Gil Berry (Illinois)
  2. Raymond ‘Tay’ Brown (USC)
  3. Walter Haas (Minnesota)
  4. Lew Hinchman (Ohio)
  5. Paul Anthony ‘Wildcat’ Host (Notre Dame)
  6. Gregory Kabat (Wisconsin)
  7. John ‘Rugged’ Oehler (Purdue)
  8. Earnest Rentner (Northwestern)
  9. Stanley Sokolis (Penn)
  10. Ivan Williamson (Michigan)

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