1915 Victory Tobacco Set (T214)

‘It’s In The Details’

Title T214 Victory Tobacco
Year 1915
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 5/8″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set
90 (advertised)

T214 Victory Tobacco Overview

T214 Victory Tobacco BackT214 VictoryThe T214 Victory Tobacco set is a rare issue. Cards featured color images on the fronts along with player names and teams on the front in blue ink.

As indicated in the American Card Catalog, the T214 Victory Tobacco set is similar to the T213 Coupon Cigarettes cards. In particular, they are closest in appearance to the T213-2 or T213-3 sets since those featured blue ink on the fronts as well.

Like that set, the T214 Victory Tobacco cards utilized artwork from the popular T206 set. The biggest difference is that the Victory cards, like some of the Coupon cards, utilized blue ink on the fronts. Backs included an advertisement for Victory Tobacco. The advertisement mentioned Victory Tobacco as ‘A Good Smoke’ and ‘A Good Chew’ for only five cents.

The reverse also indicated that there were 90 cards in the set. However, only about 3/4 of that many cards have been discovered to date.

T214 Victory Tobacco Checklist

While 90 cards were advertised, a fully known checklist does not yet exist.

  1. Red Ames
  2. Home Run Baker
  3. Chief Bender No Trees
  4. Chief Bender Trees
  5. Roger Bresnahan
  6. Al Bridwell
  7. Howie Camnitz
  8. Hal Chase Portrait
  9. Hal Chase Throwing
  10. Ty Cobb
  11. Doc Crandall
  12. Birdie Cree
  13. Ray Demmitt
  14. Josh Devore
  15. Mike Donlin
  16. Mickey Doolan
  17. Tom Downey
  18. Larry Doyle
  19. Kid Elberfeld
  20. Johnny Evers
  21. Russell Ford
  22. Art Fromme
  23. Chick Gandil
  24. Rube Geyer
  25. Clark Griffith
  26. Bob Groom
  27. Buck Herzog
  28. Hughie Jennings One Hand
  29. Hughie Jennings Two Hands/Ee-Yah Pose
  30. Walter Johnson
  31. Joe Kelley
  32. Ed Konetchy
  33. Nap Lajoie
  34. Tommy Leach
  35. Ed Lennox
  36. Sherry Magee
  37. Rube Marquard
  38. John McGraw
  39. Larry McLean
  40. George McQuillan
  41. Chief Meyers Catching
  42. Chief Meyers Portrait
  43. Dots Miller
  44. George Mullin
  45. Red Murray
  46. Tom Nedham
  47. Rebel Oakes
  48. Rube Oldring
  49. Dode Paskert
  50. Jack Quinn
  51. Nap Rucker
  52. Germany Schaefer
  53. Wildfire Schulte
  54. Frank Smith
  55. Tris Speaker
  56. George Stovall
  57. Ed Summers
  58. Bill Sweeney
  59. Jeff Sweeney
  60. Ira Thomas
  61. Joe Tinker Bat On Shoulder
  62. Joe Tinker Bat Off Shoulder
  63. Heinie Wagner
  64. Jack Warhop
  65. Zack Wheat
  66. Irv Wilhelm
  67. Hooks Wiltse

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