1909 Ramly Set (T204)

‘It’s In The Details’

Title T204 Ramly
Year 1909
Size 2″ x 2 1/2″
Images Black and White
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

T204 Ramly Overview

T204 Carrigan.jpg

The T204 Ramly set is one of the most unique pre-war card issues. The cards are small, measuring nearly as a perfect square (2″ wide / 2 1/2″ tall). In terms of pure look and design, the cards varied greatly from the mostly elongated other tobacco and caramel cards from the same era.

The key card in the set is unquestionably the Walter Johnson. The Johnson card is considered to be somewhat of a rookie card. Johnson did have earlier issues, but they were either postcards or cabinet cards.

Fronts include a black and white portrait of a specific player inside of a gold, decorative frame. A gold border also outlines the entire front of the card and included at the bottom is the player’s name, position, and team.

One interesting development regarding the set is that an uncut sheet made its way into the hobby at some point. An old collector, Frank Nagy, owned this sheet that was eventually hand cut. Many of these cards were assigned high grades by SGC, who has since made the decision to label these cards on their slabs as being sheet cut.

The Ramly cards are extremely popular with pre-war cards, but more scarce than many issues and thus, more costly. Numerous spelling errors also exist in the set.


T204 Ramly BacksBacks include an advertisement for issuer, Ramly, and three different backs exist. – one for Ramly Turkish Cigarettes, one for T.T.T. Natural Turkish Backs, and a blank-backed card. Both of the ads mention the price (ten cigarettes for $.10) and the backs also included the factory where the cards were printed as well as the location.

Here are pictures of the three backs.

Square Frames

Almost all of the cards in the set feature pictures of players inside of an oval frame on the front with a gold decorative frame against a white background. However, a handful of players in the set have variations of this design.

Six players, John Anderson, Frank Bancroft, Kitty Bransfield, Jesse Burkett, Bill Dinneen, and Pat Moran, can be found with a different variation. These cards, instead, have a solid gold frame with no white background. The most distinctive feature aside from that is that the pictures of the players are inside of square frames instead of oval frames.

T204 Ramly Checklist

  1. Whitey Alperman
  2. John Anderson
  3. Jimmy Archer
  4. Frank Arrelanes
  5. Jim Ball
  6. Neal Ball
  7. Frank Bancroft
  8. Johnny Bates
  9. Fred Beebe
  10. George Bell
  11. Chief Bender
  12. Walter Blair
  13. Cliff Blankenship
  14. Frank Bowerman
  15. William Bransfield
  16. Roger Bresnahan
  17. Al Bridwell
  18. Mordecai Brown
  19. Fred Burchell
  20. Jesse Burkett
  21. Bobby Byrnes
  22. Bill Carrigan
  23. Frank Chance
  24. Charlie Chech
  25. Eddie Cicotte
  26. Otis Clymer
  27. Andy Coakley
  28. Eddie Collins
  29. Jimmy Collins
  30. Wid Conroy
  31. Jack Coombs
  32. Doc Crandall
  33. Lou Criger
  34. Harry Davis
  35. Art Devlin
  36. Bill Dinneen
  37. Jiggs Donahue
  38. Mike Donlin
  39. Bill Donovan
  40. Gus Dorner
  41. Joe Dunn
  42. Kid Elberfeld
  43. Johnny Evers
  44. Bob Ewing
  45. Cecil Ferguson
  46. Hobe Ferris
  47. Jerry Freeman
  48. Art Fromme
  49. Bob Ganley
  50. Doc Gessler
  51. Peaches Graham
  52. Clark Griffith
  53. Roy Hartzell
  54. Charlie Hemphill
  55. Dick Hoblitzell
  56. George Howard
  57. Harry Howell
  58. Miller Huggins
  59. John Hummel
  60. Walter Johnson
  61. Tom Jones
  62. Mike Kahoe
  63. Ed Karger
  64. Willie Keeler
  65. Red Kleinow
  66. Jack Knight
  67. Ed Konetchy
  68. Vive Lindaman
  69. Hans Lobert
  70. Harry Lord
  71. Harry Lumley
  72. Johnny Lush
  73. Rube Manning
  74. James McAleer
  75. Amby McConnell
  76. Moose McCormick
  77. Harry McIntyre
  78. Larry McLean
  79. Fred Merkle
  80. Clyde Milan
  81. Mike Mitchell
  82. Pat Moran
  83. Cy Morgan
  84. T.H. Murnane
  85. Danny Murphy
  86. Red Murray
  87. Doc Newton
  88. Simon Nichols
  89. Harry Niles
  90. Bill O’Hara
  91. Charley O’Leary
  92. Dode Paskert
  93. Barney Pelty
  94. Jack Pfiester
  95. Eddie Plank
  96. Jack Powell
  97. Bugs Raymond
  98. Tom Reilly
  99. Claude Ritchey
  100. Nap Rucker
  101. Ed Reulbach
  102. Slim Sallee
  103. Germany Schaefer
  104. James Sheckard
  105. Admiral Schlei
  106. Wildfire Schulte
  107. Jimmy Sebring
  108. Bill Shipke
  109. Charlie Smith
  110. Tubby Spencer
  111. Jake Stahl
  112. Jim Stephens
  113. Harry Steinfeldt
  114. Gabby Street
  115. Bill Sweeney
  116. Fred Tenney
  117. Ira Thomas
  118. Joe Tinker
  119. Bob Unglaub
  120. Heinie Wagner
  121. Bobby Wallace

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