1909 E97 C.A. Briggs Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title E97 C.A. Briggs
Year 1909
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 3/4″
Images Color
Type Candy/Caramel
Number in Set

E97 C.A. Briggs Overview

The 1909 E97 C.A. Briggs (full company name was actually the C.A. Briggs Lozenge Makers) set is one of the rarer E-Card issues. Despite having only 36 cards, completing the set is somewhat difficult.

Cards are printed with color images on the front although black and white cards do exist. These have been referred to (and graded) as proof cards. However, as REA states, that is not true. Actual proofs of a sort do exist, however. Uncut sheets of the color cards were found that had blank backs on them instead of the typical checklist.

The set is lacking compared to other candy cards from the era in terms of name brand. The only Hall of Famers from the set are Joe Kelley, Willie Keeler, and Cy Young.

E97 C.A. Briggs Cy Young Cards and Other Variations


E97 30 Young Boston.jpg

And, by the way, about that Young card …

While the player name on the card is Cy Young, there is little doubt that the image belongs to that of Irv Young. It is unclear which is the error – if the card was truly reserved for Cy Young (the checklist on the back, for the record, states that it is Cy Young in the set) or if it should have been Irv Young and Cy’s name was erroneously added. Whatever the case, it makes for an interesting addition to the set.

30 cards are advertised in the set but there are actually 36 when you consider all of the variations. Harry Steinfeldt has both correct and incorrect versions of his name (one is missing the ‘t’ at the end). Same goes for Mickey Doolan and Topsy Hartsel. In addition, Simon Nichols, Dennis Sullivan, and Young have team variations. Nichols has both Cleveland and Philadelphia cards while Sullivan has Boston and Chicago cards. Young is pictured with both Boston and Cleveland (as shown here). The images on all of those cards are unchanged. The team name at the bottom is the only alteration.

Also of note is that Simon Nicholls’ cards both were misspelled ‘Nichols’. No corrected version is found.

E97 C.A. Briggs Checklist

Below is a full checklist for the entire set. Note that while it is not entirely in alphabetical order, this is the order the cards are listed in the checklist on the card backs.

  1. Jimmy Austin
  2. William Bradley
  3. Joe Birmingham
  4. Kitty Bransfield
  5. Bill Carrigan
  6. Howie Camnitz
  7. Bull Durham
  8. Jimmy Dygert
  9. Mickey Doolan (name spelled correctly)
  10. Mickey Doolan (name misspelled)
  11. Josh Devore
  12. Harry Davis
  13. Charlie Hemphill
  14. Bill Hinchman
  15. Topsy Hartsel (name spelled correctly)
  16. Topsy Hartsell (name misspelled)
  17. Rube Kroh
  18. Red Kleinow
  19. Joe Kelley
  20. Willie Keeler
  21. Matty McIntyre
  22. Amby McConnell
  23. Earl Moore
  24. George Mullin
  25. Red Murray
  26. Chief Meyers
  27. Simon Nicholls – Cleveland
  28. Simon Nicholls – Philadelphia
  29. Claude Rossman
  30. Dennis Sullivan – Boston
  31. Dennis Sullivan – Chicago
  32. Harry Steinfeldt (name misspelled ‘Steinfeld’)
  33. Harry Steinfeldt (name spelled correctly)
  34. Admiral Schlei
  35. Irv Young (stated Cy Young on card – Boston)
  36. Irv Young (stated Cy Young on card – Cleveland)

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