Baseball Cigar Bands

Joe Tinker Cigar BandBaseball cigar bands aren’t really a thing these days but they were popular in the 1800s and early 1900s. These labels featured baseball players among all kinds of subjects.

Cigar and tobacco companies capitalized on the growing popularity of baseball. They used various bands (the labels wrapping around a cigar) to feature all sorts of baseball-related subjects, including some pictures of actual players.

Below is a running list of the labels that featured baseball players. It will be expanded as new issues are discovered.

  • Fred Pfeffer – Pfeffer’s Hits Band
  • 1910 Harvey Pulliam Cigar Band
  • Baby Ruth Cigar Band
  • Al Simmons Cigar Band
  • Joe Tinker Cigar Band
  • Hans Wagner Cigar Band

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