1911 Bishop and Company Pacific Coast League Set (E100)

‘It’s In The Details’

Title E100 Bishop and Company PCL
Year 1911
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 3/4″
Images Black and White
Type Candy/Caramel
Number in Set

1911 E100 Bishop and Company PCL Overview

E100 BackE100-1 11 Lerchen Yellow.jpgAfter its 1910 E99 release, Bishop and Company returned to produce the 1911 E100 set.

As was the case in its E99 set, the E100 cards again featured black and white player images against a colored background. The checklist also returned on the backs to help collectors assembling the 30-card set. In addition to the checklist, the Bishop and Company name was printed at the bottoms on the backs.

The key to the release is easily the card of Buck Weaver, a member of the 1919 Chicago Black Sox team that was banned for life after the World Series scandal. The set included mostly different players, although a few were the same from the E99 issue.

Two Types

A second subset identified as Type 2. Those cards had the same players on the fronts as described above but had blank backs instead of the checklist and the pictures were also backwards. In addition, some of the player name/team name information at the bottom is different from the regular Type 1 cards.

The Type 2 cards are generally rarer than the regular issue.

1911 E100 Bishop and Company PCL Checklist

  1. Seaton (beginning of Portland players)
  2. Steen
  3. Rapps
  4. Peckinpaugh
  5. McCreeedie
  6. Tozer (beginning of Los Angeles players)
  7. Delhi
  8. Daley
  9. Delmas
  10. Moore
  11. Tennant (beginning of San Francisco players)
  12. Mohler
  13. Powell
  14. Sutor
  15. Weaver
  16. Hap Hogan (beginning of Vernon players)
  17. Burrell
  18. Carlisle
  19. Hitt
  20. Patterson
  21. Pfyle (beginning of Oakland players)
  22. Cutshaw
  23. Nelson
  24. Pearce
  25. Wares
  26. Baum (beginning of Sacramento players)
  27. Danzig
  28. O’Rourke
  29. Thomas
  30. Lerchen

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