1896 Boston Sunday Globe Supplement and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Boston Sunday Globe Supplement
Year 1896
Size Various
Images Color
Type Publications
Number in Set

Boston Sunday Globe Supplement Overview

1896 Boston Globe Die Cuts

The 1896 Boston Sunday Globe supplement was a sheet of cutout baseball players and stadium.

The player cutouts included small tabs at the bottom along with a number, presumably for use on some sort of background. Page 32 in the newspaper had full instructions and collectors were instructed to cut out the figures along the exterior black lines.

The supplement was issued on April 19th in 1896 and the sheet also states that there was a a patent applied for in 1885.

Boston players are likely the ones with red socks while a visiting team is in blue.

Boston Sunday Globe Supplement Checklist

While only one supplement sheet exists, I have presented a checklist of the cutouts that appeared on it.

Please note that the stadium had three tabs but is only one piece. 16 cutouts existed with a total of 18 tabs.

For purposes of the checklist, I have assumed players with red socks are home/Boston players and players in blue are visiting players.

  1. Stadium Center (Tab 1)
  2. Stadium Right Side (Tab 2)
  3. Stadium Left Side (Tab 3)
  4. Team seated
  5. Boston player fielding
  6. Visiting team batter
  7. Umpire
  8. Visiting team runner front
  9. Boston pitcher front
  10. Boston player back with lighter hair facing left
  11. Visiting team runner back
  12. Boston pitcher side
  13. Visiting team player sliding
  14. Boston fielder back
  15. Boston player back with face showing
  16. Boston player back with darker hair
  17. Boston player back with lighter hair facing left #2
  18. Boston player back facing right

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