1928 F52 Fro-Joy Babe Ruth Set and Checklist (with premium)

‘It’s In The Details’

Title F52 Fro-Joy
Year 1928
Size 2 1/16″ x 4″
Images Black and White
Type Food
Number in Set

F52 Fro-Joy Babe Ruth Overview

28FJ 4 Ruth.jpgIn 1928, there were numerous baseball card issues packaged with ice cream products. One, the F52 Fro-Joy set, featured exclusively on Babe Ruth.

The Fro-Joy set consists of only six cards. It centered around Ruth and also allowed consumers the chance to obtain a replica-signed Babe Ruth 8X10 photo premium. The six Ruth cards featured him in various poses. One reason why the cards are hard to come by is because collectors had to trade a full set of all six cards for the Ruth photo. Who knows how many cards that were traded in were destroyed?

The cards were obtained during a special promotional week, as described on the backs. One free card was given away with Fro-Joy cones from August 6th through the 11th in 1928. Because there was such a limited amount of time to get the cards to exchange for the premium, the premiums are very rare as well.

One side note is that because of the high number of Fro-Joy forgeries, the two foremost grading companies, PSA and SGC, will no longer grade them. Graded examples are out there from ones already graded, but they are not grading any new submissions.

Complete black and white uncut sheets of the six cards are also available but the majority of these are reprints or forgeries. A color reprint set was also printed later.

F52 Fro-Joy Babe Ruth Checklist

Here is a full set checklist of the cards.

  1. George Herman “Babe” Ruth (portrait)
  2. Look out, Mr. Pitcher!
  3. Bang! The Babe lines one out!
  4. When the Babe comes home (sliding)
  5. “Babe” Ruth’s grip! (picture of hands)
  6. Ruth is a crack fielder (fielding)

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