Baseball Catcher Tin Tobacco Tag

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Baseball Catcher Tin Tobacco Tag
Year Unknown
Size 3/4″ in diameter (including the tabs)
Images Color
Type Labels
Number in Set

Baseball Catcher Tin Tobacco Tag Overview

Catcher Tin Tobacco TagThis unique item is a tin tobacco tag featuring a baseball catcher. Hundreds (if not thousands) of different tin tags were created and used to help identify tobacco brands. While most of these included various logos and non-sports pictures, a few used sports, including this one.

This tag depicts a generic catcher in full equipment catching a baseball. It has a yellow background with ‘Catcher’ printed in red letters. Measuring less than an inch in diameter, size-wise, it is about the same as many of the pre-war baseball pins.

The date of production is not known but it is believed to be a late 1800s issue or from the early 1900s. The earliest tin tags date back to 1874 and originated from the Lorillard tobacco brand, according to the American Card Catalog.

Because this is a tobacco-related item, the inclination might be to label it as an N-Card or T-Card since those are tobacco issues. However, the correct classification is as a G-Card since Jefferson Burdick listed all tin tobacco tags there as G-Cards included banners and labels.

Baseball Catcher Tin Tobacco Tag Checklist

This tag is a standalone issue.

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