1914 Richards-Wilcox Hockey Girl Calendar Trade Card

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Richards-Wilcox Hockey Girl Trade Card
Year 1914
Size 3″ x 5″
Images Sepia
Type Trade
Number in Set

1914 Richards-Wilcox Hockey Girl Calendar Trade Card Overview

Richards-Wilcox Hockey Trade CardThis trade card was produced as an advertisement for the Richards-Wilcox Manufacturing Company based in Aurora, IL. The company produced specialty hardware solutions for doors for all kinds of storage and garages, and still exists to this day.

This card in particular featured a picture of a hockey girl with a stick at the top. The date is evident from the calendar offered at the bottom, which was for March 1914. Because it had a calendar printed, these were likely produced only for a brief period of time then subsequently discarded since the calendar was no longer valid at the end of the month.

The company produced pictures of female subjects for other months, so different ones were apparently produced every month. Those are also rare because, presumably, most would have been destroyed at the end of the month. To date, the hockey one is the only issue I have seen that depicts a sport.

The back of the card includes a further mention of Richards-Wilcox and their product line, stating that prices and full particulars were available on request. In addition, the following poem is included:

Like the smooth little Belle on her smooth little skates
With the ice and the weather fine – we manage to keep
Several laps in advance with the Richards-Wilcox Line!

1914 Richards-Wilcox Hockey Girl Calendar Trade Card  Checklist

The hockey issue presented here is the only known sports trade card produced in the series.

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