1935 Carreras Popular Personalities Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Carreras Popular Personalities
Year 1935
Size 1 3/16″ x 2 3/4″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1935 Carreras Popular Personalities Overview

1935 Carreras Popular Personalities SoccerCarreras Popular Personalities - Fred PerryThis interesting issue featured both non-sports and sports personalities. Distributed for Carreras Cigarettes, the set included a total of 72 cards.

Most notably is the cards’ shape. Instead of a rectangular card, these were narrow oval cards. While many of the subjects were non-sports personalities, a good number of sports cards were included, too, as the release featured athletes from boxing, soccer, golf, and tennis, among others.

Among the non-sports personalities are members of the Royal Family. Key sports cards included are tennis greats Fred Perry and Dorothy Round, golf star Henry Cotton, and boxer Len Harvey. Others that are somewhat popular are cricket stars Jack Hobbs and Donald Bradman. Cards of Bradman and soccer star Stanley Matthews are typically the most popular in the set.

Most cards include a replica signature however, some have the subjects name typed and printed inside of a small box instead. Both types are shown here.

Like other international cigarette issues, a special album was available for these cards. The cards were actually designed to be inserted into that album as the back has a ‘gummed surface’, as mentioned on the backs of the cards. It is somewhat common to see complete sets offered with the cards pasted into the albums.

1935 Carreras Popular Personalities Checklist

  1. King George
  2. Queen Mary
  3. Prince of Wales
  4. Duke of York
  5. Duchess of York
  6. Princess Elizabeth
  7. Pricess Margaret
  8. Duke of Gloucester
  9. Duke of Kent
  10. Duchess of Kent
  11. Aga Khan
  12. Sir John Lavery
  13. Lord Wakefield
  14. Dame Laura Knight
  15. Lady Houston
  16. Jacob Epstein
  17. W. Reid Dick
  18. Alan Cobham
  19. C. W. A. Scott
  20. T. Cambell Black
  21. Owen Cathcart-Jones
  22. Ken Waller
  23. G.K. Chesterton
  24. H.G. Wells
  25. Malcolm Campbell
  26. T.R. Leader
  27. Charles Cochran
  28. Edna Best
  29. Jack Hulbert
  30. Cecely Courtneidge
  31. Cedric Hardwicke
  32. Leslie Henson
  33. Gracie Fields
  34. Jack Buchanan
  35. Gordon Harker
  36. Jeanne De Casalis
  37. Henry Hall
  38. Jack Payne
  39. Jack Hylton
  40. William Hay
  41. Clapham and Dwyer
  42. Mabel Constanduros
  43. John Watt
  44. Anona Winn
  45. J. C. P. Besford
  46. Flotsam & Jetsam
  47. Dorothy Round
  48. Fred Perry
  49. Phyllis Wade
  50. Henry Cotton
  51. Harry Lind
  52. Bernard Gadney
  53. R. E. S. Wyatt
  54. Jack Hobbs
  55. Walter Hammod
  56. Don Bradman
  57. Bert Barry
  58. Stanley Woods
  59. Frank Arthur
  60. Frank Southall
  61. Dennis Horn
  62. Ted Phelps
  63. T.W. Green
  64. Clifford Bastin
  65. Stanley Matthews
  66. Tom Newman
  67. Walter Lindrum
  68. Lord Burghley
  69. Donald Finlay
  70. Fred Dixon
  71. Gordon Richards
  72. Len Harvey

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