1934 Amalgamated Press Sportsmen of the World Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Amalgamated Press Sportsmen of the World
Year 1934
Size  1 3/8″ x 2 5/8″
Images Color
Type Publications
Number in Set

1934 Amalgamated Press Sportsmen of the World Set Overview

Fred Perry 1934 Amalgamated Press TennisPrimo Carnera 1934 Amalgamated Press BoxingThis set featured a variety of athletes from different backgrounds all around the world. The cards were distributed by Amalgamated Press, an English newspaper and magazine company founded in 1901 covering many different publications.

32 cards made up this set that included all sorts of sports, such as boxing, tennis, soccer, and much more. A total of four boxers and a pair of tennis players were featured. The set is anchored by those six cards as well as the legendary cricketer Donald Bradman.

The cards featured color portraits of athletes along with their name at the bottom. They had white borders and backs offered a biography on the subject.

These cards were distributed in strips of four as seen here. Like other magazine issues featuring cards, they were probably issued over a course of several issues.

1934 Amalgamated Press Sportsmen of the World Set Checklist

  1. Frank Arthur
  2. Max Baer (Boxing)
  3. J.W. Bowers
  4. Donald Bradman
  5. Malcolm Campbell
  6. Primo Carnera (Boxing)
  7. Alan Cobham
  8. J.H. Crawford (Tennis)
  9. S. Cowan
  10. Steve Donoghue
  11. G. Eyston
  12. F.R. Goodall
  13. J.D. Harkness
  14. Len Harvey (Boxing)
  15. H.E. Hibbs
  16. Earl Howe
  17. G.S. Hunt
  18. Vic Huxley
  19. C. Kingsford-Smith
  20. Eric Langton
  21. W. McGonagle
  22. Jim Mollison
  23. T. Nuvolari
  24. Fred Perry (Tennis)
  25. Jack Petersen (Boxing)
  26. Gordon Richards
  27. C. W. A. Scott
  28. Tiger Stevenson
  29. D. Thackeray
  30. H. Verity
  31. W.M. Woodfull
  32. R. E. S. Wyatt

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