1910 E96 Philadelphia Caramel Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title E96 Philadelphia Caramel
Year 1910
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 3/4″
Images Color
Type Candy/Caramel
Number in Set

E96 Philadelphia Caramel Overview

E96 BackE96 02 Mack.jpgThe 1909 E96 set was the second of two pre-war issues produced by Philadelphia Caramel with the popular E95 issue coming first in 1909.

Like the E95 set, the E96 release was your standard, run-of-the-mill caramel card issue. Aside from the different players included, the main differences from the earlier E95 version was that the backs were printed in red ink and the checklist grew by five cards. Fronts included a color image of a player with his name and team name at the bottom. The backs included the full checklist, stating that the card was one of a set of ’30 Ball Players.’ At the bottom of the reverse, the cards stated that they were made by the Philadelphia Caramel Company in Camden, New Jersey.

One distinguishing feature between the two sets is that there aren’t any players featured in both. That makes collecting the two sets a bit more worthwhile since they include 55 different players.

While both sets contain many stars, there’s no doubt that the E95 set has the bigger names with the trio of Honus Wagner, Ty Cobb, and Christy Mathewson.

E96 Philadelphia Caramel Checklist

Below is a full checklist for the entire set.

  1. Harry Davis
  2. Connie Mack
  3. Ira Thomas
  4. Home Run Baker
  5. Red Dooin
  6. George McQuillan
  7. Ed Konetchy
  8. Ed Karger
  9. Mike Mowrey
  10. Red Murray
  11. Nap Lajoie
  12. Claude Rossman
  13. Nap Rucker
  14. Hughie Jennings
  15. Bill Donovan
  16. Jim Delahanty
  17. George Mullin
  18. Frank Arellanes
  19. Tubby Spencer
  20. Johnny Kling
  21. Jack Pfiester
  22. Mordecai Brown
  23. Joe Tinker
  24. Fred Clarke
  25. George Gibson
  26. Babe Adams
  27. Red Ames
  28. Rube Marquard
  29. Buck Herzog
  30. Chief Meyers

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