1935-37 Wix Henry’s Adventures Series Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Henry’s Adventures Series
Year 1935-37
Size Varies
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1935-36 J. Wix Henry’s Adventures Series Set Overview

J. Wix Sons Henry GolfThese cards featured the activities of a mischievous boy named Henry. The cards were distributed by J. Wix and Sons Tobacco for their products and backs can be found with various tobacco brand advertisements, including Kensitas and Tareyton. While the set is often simply called the ‘Henry’ set, the actual name, as indicated in small print on the backs is ‘Henry’s Adventures.’

Each cartoon includes a picture of Henry in various situations. Cartoons, as indicated on the cards, were the work of Carl Anderson.

This is a massive issue with five different series, each consisting of 50 cards. The result is a 250-card set and, in reality, there are actually more cards than that. In addition to those 250 ‘regular’ cards (2 9/16″ x 3 1/16″), an extra large-sized set was available for the first two series’ and those included 25 cards in each series. The larger cards were similar but had more white space around the borders and, of course, were a little larger in size.

Counting the larger cards, there are 300 total cards, which would comprise a master set. The first two series’ were printed in 1935, the next two in 1936, and the last one in 1937. The first two series’ have card numbers while the latter three do not. The first four series are the easiest to find. Series 5, the final one, is significantly harder by comparison.

Albums were also available for the cards. Collectors were advised to see their tobacconist for them, though no cost information was mentioned on the cards as was the case with some other issues.

Backs of the first two series have an adhesive backing, which would make them easier to affix to the album pages. The other cards have more of a matte finish. Also in terms of the printing, many of the cards have a factory horizontal crease across the middle. That should not be counted as damage to the cards as they were deliberately printed that way, possibly to fit into a smaller package. Like other cards printed for albums, these were printed on a slightly thinner stock of paper.

Finally, two sets of 25 postcards each were created using pictures from the first and second series of cards. The postcards are significantly rarer than the trading cards.


Most of the cards are non-sports related. But a few include Henry being mixed up in various sports.

Golf is primarily the main type of sports cards from this set that interest American collectors. A total of three golf cards are featured — one with Henry carrying clubs himself and two with him interfering in the games of golfers. However, other popular cards include three soccer-related cards. A tennis card of sorts is included, too, with Henry holding a racket that has been chewed up by a cat.

In addition to those cards, cards depicting other minor sports including fishing, roller skating, and sailing. There are some more ambiguous sports cards as well. One features a fan with a megaphone wearing a cricket sweater. Other cards depict sporting events behind a fence, although the actual sport is not identified or stated.

Finally, a pseudo baseball card is included as he is holding sticks with two baseball gloves at the ends. He is in a room with men at an ‘Angler’s club’ and depicting the size of a catch.

Of the major sports cards, only one of the golf cards (from the first series) was made into a postcard.

Series Identification

While there are five series’ in all, only the first two are clearly marked as such on the back. Making matters worse, as mentioned earlier, the cards in the other three series’ are not numbered.

Still, there are easy ways to identify which series a card belongs to:

  • 1st Series Cards – “A Series of 50” on back
  • 2nd Series Cards – “2nd Series of 50” on back
  • 3rd Series Cards – Have “Copyright Reserved” on the front with no mention of a series on back
  • 4th Series Cards – Have “Copyright Reserved.” (with a period) on the front with no mention of a series on back
  • 5th Series Cards – Have “Copyright Reserved-” (with a dahs) on the front with no mention of a series on back

1935-36 J. Wix Henry’s Adventures Series Set Checklist

The first two series’ are listed according to their card number. The other three series’ are not numbered and only listed according to images shown here. Titles are not presented on the cards themselves — I have merely provided descriptions below.

Series 1

  1. Just Married
  2. Roller Skating with Ram
  3. Balancing Dishes
  4. Slingshot with Boy and Apple on Head
  5. Kangaroos
  6. Henry and Indian Boy
  7. Pants on Clothesline
  8. Tea Cart
  9. Army Soldiers
  10. Large Crate
  11. Man with Cigar
  12. Woman with Grocery Scale
  13. Playing Marbles with Golf Ball (Golf)
  14. Boy Wanted / Butcher
  15. Parrot / Cracker
  16. Kite / Knitting
  17. Sliding Down Stairs Railing
  18. Spinning on Record Player
  19. In Carriage
  20. Treacle
  21. With Camera
  22. Dog House Garage
  23. Riding Pig
  24. Slingshot with Cuckoo Clock
  25. Swan Boat
  26. Playing Piano with Feet
  27. Top Hat and Coal
  28. Man Carrying Sandwiches
  29. Drinking Cat Milk
  30. With Ostrich
  31. Water Into Top Hat
  32. Furs and Skins
  33. Man on Telephone Pole
  34. “Simeze Twins”
  35. Head Without a “Stumick”
  36. Drinking from Pitcher
  37. Wedding
  38. “Ban Konsert”
  39. In Park
  40. Danger Blasting
  41. Aquarium Fishing
  42. On Couch with Movers
  43. “Traind Fleez”
  44. With Movers and Suspenders
  45. Pipe Smoking
  46. In Excavator
  47. On Bass Drum
  48. Top Hat in Water
  49. Fly in Church
  50. Sailboat with Shirt

Series 2

  1. Next to Bass Drum
  2. Playing as Police Officer
  3. Lying on Block of Ice
  4. Flies in Bed
  5. Hot Dog with Dogs
  6. Spraying Perfume
  7. Juggling Eggs
  8. Sliding Down Plank into Bathtub
  9. Soap in Bathtub
  10. Banging Pans
  11. Man on Raft
  12. Kissing Chef
  13. “Fizikal Kulcher”
  14. Pushing Boy with Boots
  15. Rabbit Skin Coat
  16. “Duck Soop”
  17. Football Match Blues vs. Reds (Soccer)
  18. “Chanz of a Live Time”
  19. Man Running for Train
  20. Sitting in Between Couple
  21. In Small Tub
  22. With Fat Man in Shade
  23. Firewood
  24. Comic Page
  25. Sliding Down Piano
  26. Left Handed Wart
  27. Fan with Megaphone (Cricket)
  28. Tick, Tick, Tick
  29. With Monkey
  30. Throwing Coal
  31. Eating at Fancy Dinner
  32. On Diner Stool
  33. “Mixt Drinks”
  34. See the “Son” Spots
  35. Sitting on Hood of Car with Man Chasing
  36. Spoon on Head
  37. Dog Carrying Picnic Basket
  38. Fishing with Man in Water
  39. Woman Crying on Umbrella
  40. Eating Wedding Cake
  41. Riding in Front of Car on Bumper
  42. Barber
  43. With Orchestra
  44. Boat Trips
  45. Blowing Whistle During Game (Soccer)
  46. Greyhound Racing / Riding Rabbit
  47. In Bird Nest
  48. Giving Poodle Haircut
  49. Hooking Sailor
  50. Castor Oil Medicine

Series 3

  1. Playing Checkers
  2. Stretcher and Ambulance
  3. Riding Line
  4. U. Blink Photographer
  5. Woman and Parrot Singing
  6. Orange Cart
  7. Crossing River on Rocks with Boy
  8. “Armles Wunder”
  9. “School Holidays Garanteed”
  10. Watching Play
  11. Pulling Teeth
  12. Cement Worker
  13. Holding Car Door for Girl
  14. Show Room
  15. Tattooing
  16. Strongman
  17. Pulled in Dog Cart
  18. Frogs in Bathtub
  19. Marchers on Banana Peels
  20. Under Policeman’s Stomach
  21. Behind Policemen with Angry Boys
  22. Serenading Girl
  23. Chocolates Toffee
  24. Starting Fire with Magnifying Glass and Sun
  25. Inside Tire
  26. Crutch for Bird
  27. “Mary Go Round”
  28. In Chandelier
  29. “Doors to Circus”
  30. Watering Man’s Head
  31. “Safety Guard Inside Yore Pants”
  32. With Horse in Bathtub
  33. In Revolving Door
  34. No Dogs Allowed
  35. Henry the Chimpanzee
  36. Behind Bass
  37. Woman Chasing Cat
  38. Chair for Large Woman
  39. Heat Wave
  40. Henry VIII
  41. Cash for Old Clothes
  42. Money Boxes Opened
  43. Great Strength Rings the Bell
  44. Tram Watchers of Game (Soccer)
  45. Kite Flying from Car
  46. Matador with Sword
  47. Waxworks
  48. On Stage for Magic Show
  49. Fishing from Bridge
  50. Laying Eggs with Hen

Series 4

  1. With Pots and Pans
  2. All Kinds of Instruments
  3. Watching Game on Top of Children
  4. Teacher Reading Book
  5. Painted Into Corner
  6. Man with Saxophone
  7. Walking in Cement
  8. Measuring Man’s Waist
  9. Magnifying Glass for Gorillas
  10. Holes to “Sea the Game”
  11. Fishing with Cat
  12. Man Driving Tied to Pole
  13. Wedding with Swordsmen
  14. “Trousers Steemed”
  15. Water into Car Horn
  16. Girl on Swing
  17. Picnic Basket on Head
  18. “See the Wild Kave Man”
  19. With Large Egg
  20. In Suitcase
  21. With Boot and Golf Clubs (Golf)
  22. Veterinary Surgeon
  23. Sawing Tree Branch
  24. Selling Paintings
  25. “Soles and Eels”
  26. Walking Away from Train
  27. “Old Skool Ties”
  28. Knitting with Girl
  29. Painting Dog’s Eye
  30. Man with Bagpipes
  31. Rings Around Soldier’s Bayonet
  32. Umbrella in Instrument
  33. Firemen
  34. Catching Fish from Tree
  35. Catching Fish in Man’s Pants
  36. Boiling Water with Surveyor Stand
  37. First Class Taxidermy
  38. Dog on Stilts
  39. Slingshot from Cow
  40. Catching Rabbits
  41. “Grate Log Cutting Kompetision”
  42. Post Office
  43. Arrow in Umbrella on Beach
  44. Slingshot with Hunter
  45. Behind White Horse
  46. Riding Dog with Horn
  47. In Front of White Horse
  48. Dog on Washboard
  49. Chasing After Runner (Track and Field)
  50. Fishing with Bird Eating Worm

Series 5

  1. “Loop the Lupins”
  2. Walking Large Dog
  3. Handstand on Scale
  4. Outside Drugstore
  5. Playing Xylophone
  6. Crawling Behind Wall
  7. In Kitchen with Stove Open
  8. Fishing Net over Man’s Head
  9. Sleepwalking
  10. With Asian Man
  11. Clinging to Golfer’s Leg (Golf)
  12. Man with Bagpipes and Water Hose
  13. Selling Flowers
  14. Making Adjustment to Machine
  15. Free Library
  16. Inside Statue
  17. Springs from Couch
  18. Angler’s Club (Baseball Gloves)
  19. Shelled Nuts
  20. Hanging from Man’s Cane
  21. Unloading Dirt from Truck
  22. Man with Gavel
  23. Man Painting
  24. “Won Man Band”
  25. In Garden Cage Hiding from Dog
  26. in Cart wit Sail
  27. Reading in Bathroom with Water in Tub
  28. Eating Baked Goods with Angry Woman
  29. See Saw on Big Mirror
  30. Loans
  31. Tug of War Behind Fence
  32. “Real Fire Water”
  33. Dual Bicycle
  34. Pushing Boys with Wheel
  35. Water into Volcano
  36. Free Air
  37. “Clay Pidgin Shootin”
  38. With Rum on Pirate Raft
  39. Magic Show in Yard, Stabbing Spear in Between Boys
  40. “Genooin Oatmiel Porrige”
  41. Many Hats on Floor
  42. Painting Mustaches on Billboards
  43. “Erial Thrill Ride”
  44. Cat Chewed Tennis Racket (Tennis)
  45. Lifting Cat with Fishing Pole at Window
  46. “Baving Tents”
  47. Sailboat in Pot on Stove
  48. With Elephant and Old Woman
  49. Using Slingshot Against Snare Drum of Band
  50. Goldfish in Water Pitcher with Two Women

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