1938 WSYR Dick Porter Trade Card

‘It’s In The Details’

Title WSYR Dick Porter Trade Card
Year 1938
Size 2 1/2″ x 5″
Images Black and White
Type Trade
Number in Set

1938 WSYR Dick Porter Trade Card Overview

1938 WSYR Syracuse Dick Porter Trade CardThis unique trade card was printed for WSYR, a radio station in Syracuse, New York. The station served as the broadcast partner of the local minor league Syracuse Chiefs baseball team.

Pictured is the team’s manager, Dick Porter. The card identifies the year as 1938. It is black and white and has a blank back.

Porter enjoyed a decent career in the majors, lasting five seasons total with the Cleveland Indians and Boston Red Sox. In addition to his major league career, he played 15 years of minor league ball before and after the majors.

Porter was a player/manager with the team in 1938 as he also served as an outfielder. 1938 was the first of his 11 seasons serving in that capacity.

To date, only two copies of this scarce card are known to exist. Rarity doesn’t always equal price, however. When the card was offered at auction in 2015, it sold for only around $100.

1938 WSYR Dick Porter Trade Card Checklist

This is a standalone issue and not part of a set.

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