1911 Boxing Supplements Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Boxing Supplements
Year 1911
Size 8″ x 10 1/2
Images Color / Black and White
Type Publications
Number in Set

1911 Boxing Supplements Set Overview

This set of boxing supplements were issued by a publication simply called ‘Boxing.’

The supplements mostly have color images, though at least one (a collage of champions) was printed in black and white. The supplements have a thick white border and the fighter’s name printed at the bottom. The actual fonts used varies slightly but the general format of the supplements does not change.

Dating for this set is often cited as either c1910 or 1911. Most of the supplements do not include a date on them. However, at least one, one for Jim Driscoll, has a date of February 4, 1911 on it.

Like many supplements, these are printed on a thinner style of paper stock. That makes them susceptible to damage, including tears and creases.

The supplements are not seen all that much and appear to be quite rare. Part of that is almost certainly due to the frail nature of them. However, prices for them are relatively modest, sometimes selling for as little as $10 or so.

Finally, while other supplements in this series are printed vertically, there is the aforementioned horizontal black and white collage of championship fighters. This supplement has a different style from the others but was also distributed by Boxing and believed to have been issued in 1911. It is unclear if that should technically be counted as part of a set as the style is different. However, I have included it in the checklist below.

1911 Boxing Supplements Set Checklist

The checklist below includes supplements I have seen to date but is likely incomplete.


  1. Tommy Burns
  2. Collage of English and American Champions
  3. Jim Driscoll and Owen Moran
  4. Jack Johnson and Bombardier Wells
  5. Sam Langford
  6. Packey McFarland
  7. Jim Sullivan
  8. Tom Thomas
  9. Bombardier Billy Wells
  10. Ad Wolgast


  1. Jim Driscoll (February 4)

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