1915 Eureka College Stamps Set and Checklist

It’s In The Details’

Title Eureka College Stamps
Year 1915
Size Unknown
Images Black and White
Type Stamps
Number in Set
12 (?)

1915 Eureka College Stamps Overview

Eureka College StampEureka College is a small school located in Eureka, Illinois. The college is most known as the Alma Mater of president Ronald Reagan and Reagan actually played football at the school.

In 1915, the institution had a set of stamps produced featuring various parts of its campus. While most of the stamps were buildings around the college, an interesting baseball stamp is included. The set is identified as a 1915 issue since one of the stamps shows the college’s senior class of 1915.

The baseball stamp is titled, ‘The Winning Run’ and features a baseball scene with a runner coming home to score. Eureka College is also printed at the bottom as well as the school’s location in Illinois.

It isn’t clear who the school is playing against in the photo but it does feature actual players on a unique collectible. Another semi-sports issue in the set includes a stamp showing the opening of the new gym on campus.

Eureka College Stamps Checklist

This is a checklist of the known stamps but others could exist.

  1. Burgess Hall
  2. Celebrating the New Gym
  3. Chapel Building
  4. Eureka College
  5. Lida’s Wood
  6. Old Middle
  7. Senior Class
  8. South View of Campus
  9. Stone Arch
  10. Students at Play
  11. Walnut Creek
  12. The Winning Run (Baseball)

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