1901-02 Ogden Tab Cigarettes General Interest Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Ogden Tab Cigarettes General Interest
Year 1901-02
Size 1 7/16″ x 2 3/8″
Images Black and White
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1901-02 Ogden Tab Cigarettes General Interest Overview

Ogden Tabs HockeyThe Ogden Tab Cigarettes General Interest issue was a massive set, believed to contain 1,290 cards spread out over six series (A, B, C, D, E, and F). Series’ A, B, C, D, and E are believed to have been printed in 1901 with Series F coming in 1902.

Backs of the cards indicate the total number included in the set. Each series states how many cards are in each one:

  • Series A: 150 cards
  • Series B: 200 cards
  • Series C: 200 cards
  • Series D: 200 cards
  • Series E: 120 cards
  • Series F: 420 cards

The set was a multi-sport issue and also contained non-sports subjects, including some animals, actors/actresses, comedians, and other famous subjects.

Cards have distinctive black borders, which helps them to stand out from other tobacco cards of the era, which often used white borders. The Ogden’s Cigarettes name is printed at the bottom (or, in the case of horizontal cards, the side)

The set is popular among boxing fans as numerous boxers are included. But it also contains other sports, including golf, soccer, and hockey, as well as a slew of minor sports, including things like cricket, horse racing, wrestling, cycling, and water polo. The sports are spread out across the series, so it isn’t a matter of limiting one’s focus to any given series to collect only the sports cards.

Like other tobacco cards, you can often find these trimmed. Many collectors, apparently wanting to distance the cards from the tobacco company, removed the Ogden’s Cigarettes name from them.


The hockey card is of interest to many as it is one of the earliest cards from that sport. I have never seen a complete checklist for this set so it is possible additional hockey cards could exist.

The known hockey card has a black and white image features several unnamed players on the ice. It is card No. 72 in Series E.

Another General Interest Set

Finally, collectors should know that a second Ogden Tab General Interest set also exists. The cards have an almost identical look to the 1901-02 set and are often confused with those cards. They are generally cited as having been printed in either 1900 or 1902. But while the cards look similar they were not broken out into series and do not indicate a specific series on the back.

Some backs include an advertisement mentioning the set while others are simply blank. That set also has some sports cards but is not believed to contain any major sports.

1901-02 Ogden Tab Cigarettes General Interest Checklist

The hockey card is the only known card from the four major sports in the set.

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