1886 McLaughlin Coffee XXXX Calendar Trade Card

‘It’s In The Details’

Title McLaughlin Coffee XXXX Calendar Trade Card
Year 1886
Size 3″ x 5″
Images Color
Type Trade/Coffee
Number in Set

1886 McLaughlin Coffee Calendar Trade Card.jpg

1886 McLaughlin XXXX Coffee Calendar Trade Card Overview

McLaughlin’s XXXX Coffee brand produced a wide range of trade cards in the late 1800s. Most were non-sports subjects but several featured various sports, including baseball.

Some trade cards are difficult to date to a specific year. That isn’t the case here since it doubles as a calendar. The back has an 1886 calendar meaning it was certainly produced in that year.

The front includes a baseball scene with children. Three are shown sitting on a fence with the McLaughlin’s XXXX Coffee name printed onto it while two are participating in a game (a batter and a catcher). The trade card was designed by Shober and Carqueville Lithograph Company, a firm based in Chicago.

1886 McLaughlin XXXX Coffee Calendar Trade Card Checklist

This is a standalone issue not part of a set.

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