Lou Criger Miles Medical Company Trade Card/Pamphlet

It’s in the Details

Title Lou Criger Miles Medical Company Trade Card/Pamphlet
Year 1910s
Size 4 1/4″ x 5 3/8″
Images Color
Type Trade
Number in Set

Lou Criger Miles Medical Company Trade Card/Pamphlet Overview

1910s Lou Criger MIles MedicalThis unique pamphlet was produced for the Miles Medical Company in Elkhart, Indiana. It was basically an advertisement for the company’s anti-pain pills.

The back cover is of most interest to collectors. It features former baseball player Lou Criger in a color portrait. Criger is touted as a famous New York catcher who uses the pills himself.

The back cover also had a blank box at the bottom. Directly above it, it reads, ‘Compliments of.’ Individual vendors were to place their own information inside of the box.

The booklet was careful to state that the pills were not a cure. But it did state that the pills could be a benefit to those in pain.

The pamphlet is made out of thin paper that easily tore. Not many copies of this pamphlet are known (and many of the Criger covers have become separated from the rest of the booklet) but when you do find them, they are often damaged with creasing or tears.

Lou Criger Miles Medical Company Trade Card/Pamphlet Checklist

This card is a standalone issue and not a part of a set.

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