1939 Joe DiMaggio Tip-Top Bread / Ward’s Pin

It’s In The Details’

Title Joe DiMaggio Tip-Top Bread Pin
Year 1939
Size 1 1/4″
Images Black and White
Type Pins
Number in Set

1939 Joe DiMaggio Tip-Top Bread / Ward’s Pin Overview1940 Tip Top Bread Pin DiMaggio

In 1939, Joe DiMaggio was a budding star for the New York Yankees. That season was one of the best of his career as he won his first Most Valuable Player award, and batted a career-high .381 as a 24-year old.

That season, the Ward Baking Company created a special DiMaggio pin for its Tip-Top Bread brand. The pin was black and white and measured a little larger than an inch in diameter. Featuring a black and white image of DiMaggio, the top read, “Winners Eat Ward’s” while the bottom said, “Joe DiMaggio Eats Tip-Top Bread.”

The back has no artwork or printing – only a simple stick pin.

The pin is not easy to find, as evidenced partly by the fact that PSA has graded only a few of them. Despite it being one of the later pre-war issues, this DiMaggio pin is certainly scarce.

The age is something that also makes it attractive for collectors. DiMaggio’s image was printed on numerous baseball pins but this is one of the earliest known.

1939 Joe DiMaggio Tip-Top Bread / Ward’s Pin Checklist

This DiMaggio pin is the only known one in the set.

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