1911 John Tener Gubernatorial Campaign Card and Pin

‘It’s In The Details’

Title John Tener Gubernatorial Campaign Card and Pin
Year 1911
Size Various
Images Black and White
Type Miscellaneous / Pin
Number in Set

1911 John Tener Gubernatorial Campaign Card and Pin Overview

phunc1911tenercampaigncard.jpg1911 John Tener PinIn 1911, former major league baseball player John K. Tener ran for the governorship of Pennsylvania. He was successful, serving as the state’s Governor from 1911-1915. Tener also served as president of the National League. He actually performed both jobs at the same time from 1913-1915 but was not paid for the baseball job until his tenure as Governor ended.

These promotional items were used to help promote Tener as a gubernatorial candidate. The card features a black and white image of him and measures approximately 2 5/8″ wide x 4 1/8″ tall. The pin has a sepia style image and uses blue and gold ink around his picture.

Tener pitched in a total of 62 games in his three-year career playing for the Chicago White Stockings and Pittsburgh Burghers. He was 25-31 in his relatively short career from 1888-1890.

Tener resigned from his job as National League president in 1918. He later tried to win Pennsylvania’s governorship again in 1926 but failed.

1911 John Tener Gubernatorial Campaign Card and Pin Checklist

These are standalone issues not part of a set.

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