Schmidt’s Daylight Bakery Dressing Dolls Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Schmidt’s Daylight Bakery Dressing Dolls
Year 1900s
Size Various
Images Color
Type Bakery
Number in Set

Schmidt’s Daylight Bakery Dressing Dolls Overview

pdunc1910sschmidtsbreaddoll.jpgIn the early 1900s, Schmidt’s Daylight Bakery produced a set of paper dolls. Most were likely non-sports related but at least one baseball issue was included in the set.

Paper dolls were particularly popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s. One of the biggest distributors of them was McLoughlin, who also created some related to sports. They were basically paper cutouts of people (usually children) that could then be outfitted with paper cutouts of clothing. This one features a child and a baseball uniform.

The uniform isn’t specific to a real team. It is only a generic blue and orange outfit similar to the colors of the New York Mets (who, of course, did not exist at the time). One interesting fact is that the uniform is specifically titled ‘Catcher.’ They could have simply chosen a catcher’s outfit for the baseball player or there could be outfits for other positions.

Interestingly, the advertisement pictured here also included a boy in a baseball uniform. It’s possible that the sport was highlighted in the set and perhaps more baseball outfits existed.

As shown in the advertisement, Schmidt’s promoted a complete set, though it isn’t clear as to how many were included. One doll and an outfit was included in each wrapped loaf of their three mentioned products:

  • Mrs. Schmidt’s Sweet Home Bread
  • Schmidt’s American Maid Bread
  • Schmidt’s Crusty Bread

No exact date is known for this issue.

Schmidt’s Daylight Bakery Dressing Dolls Checklist

How many of these exist is unknown. But the advertisement above mentioned a different set every day so the number could be quite high, depending on how long the promotion ran. The uniform for the catcher is No. 826.

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