1934 American Boy Gum Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title American Boy Gum
Year 1934
Size 2 3/8″ x 2 7/8″
Images Color Tint
Type Candy/Gum
Number in Set

1934 American Boy Gum Overview

As discovered in Bob Lemke’s blog in 2011, the American Boy Gum set is a series of cards from the 1930s (estimated in 1934). To date, only two cards from the series have been discovered – those of Fred Marberry and Schoolboy Rowe – members of the Detroit Tigers.

Reportedly, the cards were brought to light by a Pennsylvania collector, who secured them from a Canadian collector. The fronts of the cards have a color tint with only the player’s picture and his name. The back has an advertisement for ‘Coins from All Parts of the World,’ stating that 14 American Gum wrappers could be exchanged for one coin or the choice of a prize from the store where the gum was purchased.

It is unknown if additional cards from the set exist and, so far, there has not even been a confirmation of existence for a company called American Boy Gum.

1934 American Boy Gum Checklist

The only two known cards in the 1934 American Boy Gum checklist are listed below.

  1. Fred Marberry
  2. Schoolboy Rowe

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