1933 Some Gum Boy Scouts Set and Checklist (R26)

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Some Gum Boy Scouts (R26)
Year 1933
Size 2 1/8″ x 3 1/4″
Images Color
Type Candy/Gum
Number in Set

1933 Some Gum Boy Scouts Set Overview

Some Gum Boy Scouts BoxingThis set was issued by Goudey for its Some Gum brand in 1933. 1933 was a big year for Goudey, obviously, creating the legendary 1933 Goudey baseball card set, which remains one of the top pre-war sets of all time.

The set was geared towards boy scouts and was produced in conjunction with the Boy Scouts of America. It was designated as R26 in the American Card Catalog.

The cards depicted boy scouts participating in all kinds of activities. Each card has a particular series title at the top and a card title on the back.

While most were non-sports cards, one card shows boys boxing and is desirable to sports collectors. The front of the card, shown here, depicts boys participating in the sport. The back of the card offers the title, A Scout is Clean, and describes boxing as a clean and scientific sport. It states that strength is not the only thing important in it as a smaller, more scientific boxer can overtake a larger one.

A few other cards in the set depict sports, too, such as field hockey and archery.

1933 Some Gum Boy Scouts Set Checklist

Sports are denoted in parentheses.

  1. Scout Code Series
  2. Scout Code Series
  3. Scout Code Series (Swimming)
  4. Scout Code Series (Boxing)
  5. Astronomy Series
  6. Boating Series (Canoeing)
  7. Boating Series (Sailing)
  8. Bird Series
  9. Woodcraft Series
  10. Indian Lore Series
  11. Pathfinding Series
  12. Marksmanship Series (Archery)
  13. Weather Wisdom Series
  14. Weather Wisdom Series
  15. Story of the Earth
  16. Reptile Series
  17. Story of the Earth
  18. Handicraft Series
  19. Fish Series
  20. Handicraft Series
  21. Camp Life Series
  22. Fish Series
  23. Astronomy Series
  24. First Aid Series
  25. Pathfinder Series
  26. Ropes and Knots
  27. Rope(s) and Knots
  28. Woodcraft Series
  29. Bird Series
  30. Indian Lore Series
  31. Safety Always Series
  32. Reptile Series
  33. Signs and Signals
  34. Camp Cooking Series
  35. Camp Cooking Series
  36. Experiment Series
  37. Signs and Signals
  38. Travel Series
  39. Tool Series
  40. Tool Series
  41. Outdoor Sports Series (Field Hockey)
  42. Outdoor Sports Series (Hiking)
  43. First Aid Series
  44. Travel Series
  45. Marksmanship Series
  46. Camp Life Series
  47. Experiment Series
  48. Safety Always Series

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