1930s Whiz Bang Gum Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Whiz Bang Gum
Year 1930s
Size 3″ x 3″
Images Black and White
Type Candy/Gum
Number in Set

1930s Whiz Bang Gum Overview

30WB 1930 Whiz Bang Premiums Goslin.jpg

In 2009, a new discovery was made in the pre-war card hobby.

That year, a large find of Whiz Bang Gum cards was made. Packs of Whiz Bang Gum included various colors of gum. According to that linked article from Sports Collectors Daily, if a consumer found a piece of white gum, the store was to award him/her with one of the Whiz Bang Gum disc cards.

The person locating the cards found a total of 83 of them. Of that group, 16 different cards were discovered, which led to the belief that 16 are in the complete set.

While featuring a black and white circular image of a personality, the discs have a colorful border of either green, orange, or yellow. The backs of the discs had a spiral design. Of the 16 in the set, only three are athletes; baseball players, to be exact. All three baseball players, Goose Goslin, Gabby Hartnett, and Lefty Grove, are members of the Hall of Fame.

The rest are various non-sports celebrities. The set was produced by Fleer and is credited as being an early 1930s issue – some citing it from 1930 and others, from 1932.

1930s Whiz Bang Gum Checklist

  1. Warner Baxter
  2. El Brendel
  3. Joe Brown
  4. Chief Thunderbird
  5. Gary Cooper
  6. Hoot Gibson
  7. Goose Goslin (Baseball)
  8. Lefty Grove (Baseball)
  9. Gabby Hartnett (Baseball)
  10. Buck Jones
  11. Tom Keen
  12. Ken Maynard
  13. Wallace MacDonald
  14. George O’Brien
  15. Jack Oakie
  16. Ted Wells

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