1925 Holland Creameries Washington Senators Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Holland Creameries Washington Senators
Year 1925
Size 1 1/2″ x 3″
Images Blue tint
Type Food
Number in Set

1925 Holland Creameries Washington Senators Overview

26H 04 Shirley.jpg

In 1924-25, Holland Creameries produced a short, ten-card set of hockey cards. They followed that up with a baseball card set, featuring members of the 1924 World Series champion Washington Senators. The set is classified by some as 1925 and others as 1926. But while the Senators did reach the World Series in 1925, they lost that season to the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Senators won it all in 1924 so this would seem to be a 1925 issue.

Cards were black and white with text on the front and images printed with a blue tint. The fronts stated ‘Holland World’s Champions’ at the top and the player’s name and position printed at the bottom with an image in the middle.

Like the hockey set, the ice cream manufacturer offered collectors a special redemption program. A complete set was good for a brick of ice cream, three Holland banquets, three snowballs, or five Holland Delights if returned in person to the company at their factory at 740 Logan Avenue in Winnipeg.

The cards are rare with both PSA and SGC having graded only a few copies. SGC’s population report states that they have graded at least one of each card. PSA, however, has not yet graded every card in the set.

1925 Holland Creameries Washington Senators Checklist

  1. Ralph Miller
  2. Earl McNeely
  3. Allan Russell
  4. E.R. Shirley
  5. Sam Rice
  6. Muddy Ruel
  7. Ossie Bluege
  8. Nemo Leibold
  9. Paul Zahniser
  10. Firpo Marberry
  11. Warren Ogden
  12. George Mogridge
  13. J.T. Zachary
  14. Goose Goslin
  15. Joe Judge
  16. Roger Peckinpaugh
  17. Bucky Harris
  18. Walter Johnson

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